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Embraer earning results 1st Quarter 2022


Embraer delivered 14 jets in the first quarter, of which 6 commercial aircraft and 8 executive jets (6 light and 2 mid-size). Firm order backlog ended 1Q22 at US$ 17.3 billion (+US$0.3 billion versus 4Q21). This is the highest quarter backlog since 2Q18, driven by solid order activity. Revenues reached US$ 600.9 million in the quarter, down 26% compared to 1Q21, with almost one month of production shut down due to system and legal reintegration of Commercial Aviation in January. In contrast, reported consolidated gross margin of 20.1% was higher than the 9.5% reported in 1Q21 due to better performance in all segments.

Adjusted EBIT and EBITDA were US$ (27.0) million and US$ 13.2 million, respectively, yielding Adjusted EBIT margin of -4.5% and Adjusted EBITDA margin of 2.2%. This includes nonrecurring expenses of US$17 million for the quarter. Free cash flow (FCF) in 1Q22 was a usage of US$ (67.8) million, representing a significant improvement compared to the US$ (226.6) million in FCF in 1Q21, and best FCF for 1Q since 1Q10, consistent with working capital optimization measures and enterprise efficiency. FX Variation & Hedge - in 1Q22 we recognized credits of USD 0.8 million related to payroll expenses due to cash flow hedge, mitigating our exposure to FX variation, which is approximately 13% of total costs. The company finished the quarter with total debt of US$ 3.6 billion, or US$0.5 billion less in line with the strategy to improve our capital structure.

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