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Essential communication techniques that help you make friends offline or online with Livebeam


Continue reading to learn how to use appropriate communication techniques that can help you with that.

Friendship makes the world a better place
No man is an Island, even through the worst days you will need some friends to hang out with and encourage you. Making friends in this era of technology growth is a common occurrence. Most people also prefer making friends online because it is easy and convenient compared to traditional methods. Plus, the pandemic showed us just how vital online communication could be in a world with physical barriers, isolation, and quarantines.

There is one common thing between making friends online and offline — communication skills.

You have to focus on improving it if you want to make friends and keep them. When you start speaking, whether verbally or in a written form, you tell the world who you are, and some people are skilled enough to tell your intentions just from the way you communicate. 

Are you looking to make new friends online through platforms like Livebeam
Continue reading to learn how to use appropriate communication techniques that can help you with that.

Initiate a conversation with a compliment

Compliments make people feel appreciated
If you spot someone you like at a restaurant, for instance, you only need to initiate a conversation that leads to getting to know each other, and possibly becoming friends. Online is different because you’ve only seen their appearance through a profile photo they uploaded. The best places to spot someone to approach are groups or streams, that is if you are already on a site like Livebeam.

In real life you can smile, nod, or express verbally to show someone that you like something or show interest in what they are doing. This is no different from online, once you spot someone you’d like to be friends with, you can send them a personal message to get an opinion on or like something they have said. This is one way of getting their attention. 

To initiate a conversation, think of something that will make them reply to you, for example, if you are checking out their profile on Livebeam, and they put something about their achievement on their bio, you can comment about it.

Now if you put it like that, most people will give you an answer straight away. From there, you can build on a conversation. 

Initiating a conversation with a compliment makes people feel special and appreciated. By offering compliments you come out as someone easy-going and pleasant to talk to.

If you don’t get a response quickly, don’t worry. Be patient and keep messaging other people you want to be friends with. Keep commenting and sharing in group streams, this way users on Livebeam or any other platform you use will start to recognize you and may even be the first to reach out to you with a compliment. Then you can take the next step to write a personal message.

Ask questions

Ask and you’ll be answered
If giving compliments sounds cumbersome, why not try asking questions according to your interests?

“How do you like the weather today?” or “Is that a new 2022 Range Rover?”

Depending on the circumstances, there is always an intelligent way to frame a question. Most people will hardly ignore your questions if they are well-framed and respectful. 

On a site like Livebeam you can send personal messages like these: “I saw from your bio that you like fishing, what are your favorite fishing destinations you’ve been to?”

Since your question aligns with their interests, they will give you a response. Remember to frame questions that match people’s interests and fit the occasion. 

Offer solution

Show friendship through proposing solutions
If you spot a problem that you can help someone fix, don’t waste it. In real life or offline this can happen in many ways, someone may drop something and you picked it for them.

This may not be someone you know or wanted to be friends with, but some good and long-term friendships usually start like that.

On a platform like Livebeam, you can join streams. Chances are, you are going to see someone you like needing help with something or asking a question that you may have an answer for. Offering a solution to a problem is a good way to make friends online.

Are you looking for a convenient way of making friends online and getting guaranteed communication?

Livebeam is a communication platform that is visited daily by diverse people looking to connect with someone like you to share their thoughts and feelings. Sign up now!

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