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ETOA and NECSTouR sign strategic partnership agreement in Barcelona


New collaboration to develop the right expertise, skills and strategies for the Sustainable Tourism Management of Tomorrow.

BARCELONA - European Tourism Association (ETOA) and the Network for European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism (NECSTouR) sign strategic partnership agreement.

The agreement underscores the significance of co-ordinated action at regional and local level throughout Europe in the long-term interests of destinations and the visitor economy.

Areas for collaboration will include project partnerships, research and events. Both organisations are members of the steering group and signatories of the Tourism Manifesto for Growth and Jobs.

“One of the main priorities for NECSTouR is to empower the tourism SMEs to reduce the gaps between professionals and needs of private sector, integrate the digital revolution and foster innovation in the Tourism Sector. We are pleased to reinforce today our long-term cooperation with ETOA on that mission and we are looking forward to count on such a strategic partner to jointly promote appealing European tourism destinations and viable long-term Tourism Policies for local communities, visitors and industry” stated Patrick Torrent Queralt, Presidency of NECSTouR, Executive Director of the Catalan Tourism Board.

"For tourism to be a long-term success for Europe's visitors, communities and for industry, effective destination engagement is essential. We are delighted that the first partnership agreement made with ETOA's new Belgian entity is with NECSTouR, whose network of regions and experts has helped to set the agenda for a collaborative approach to tourism management and its sustainable development. We are especially pleased to mark the occasion in Barcelona, as we work closely with both the city and Catalonia" said Tim Fairhurst, Director of Policy, ETOA.

A first joint initiative will be implemented on 19th April in Barcelona: through the Workshop “Better Places to Live, Better Places to Visit”, NECSTouR, ETOA and many other Tourism Stakeholders will launch a wake-up call to the cultural heritage and tourism sectors to break patterns and join forces to find real solutions that can contribute to Social and Cultural Tourism Sustainability in Europe.

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