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Expedia launches guides for travellers seeking city history


Travel company launches multimedia history guides for iconic destinations.

LONDON, UK: Expedia.co.uk announces the imminent release of City History, an interactive guide that details historical facts about major holiday destinations. Holidaymakers can swot up ahead of their city breaks, learn about the last 100 years of local history and discover new places of interest to visit while they travel.

Made in conjunction with digital marketing agency Caliber Interactive, Expedia.co.uk’s guide uses information sourced from local travel bloggers and tourist boards, who provided insights on some of the more interesting events that have occurred over the last century.

The City History guides currently focus on three major travel destinations: New York City, Barcelona, and Berlin. Users can scroll through the decades, seeing historical factoids and images about the events, both iconic and eclectic, that have helped to shape these tourist hotspots. Interactive sound and video files can also be accessed for a fuller multimedia experience.

Alex Platts, Commercial Director of Northern Europe, Brand Expedia said “More and more people see city breaks as the ideal holiday, and research suggests they want to learn about their destinations before they arrive. City History is an online resource to help them get an accessible and visually engaging idea of some of the hidden histories of these iconic cities.

“Someone visiting Berlin may know a little about the occupation or the Berlin Wall, but we felt that adding less well-known information about modern artworks and architecture could add new dimensions to their holiday experience. We believe people will genuinely learn and get real value from City History and positive feedback could result in more destinations being added in future.”

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