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Expedia send mystified travel blogger on somebody else’s holiday


Travel bloggers are the envy of many of us, posting articles from the beach and exploring the world. But for one British travel blogger, Macca Sherifi, the tables have been turned as he prepares to go on somebody else’s holiday with Expedia. On Tuesday 24th May, Mr Sherifi flew to a randomly selected location with a mystery suitcase from a lost luggage auction in London, as part of the Expedia #mysteryluggage challenge. The question is: will this travel blogger be in holiday heaven or lost luggage limbo? Among the strangest things found in auctioned luggage are priceless Egyptian artefacts, a live rattlesnake, a naval guidance system and a bag of 40 vacuum packed frogs. Mr Sherifi must only use what he finds in the suitcase on his trip. On the prospect of travelling to an unplanned location with somebody else’s luggage, Mr Sherifi said: ”After accepting Expedia’s challenge I soon realised I could be wearing women’s clothes for a week or old man clothes. And they have given me absolutely no idea of where I’m going. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.” Alex Platts, Commercial Director of Northern Europe, for Brand Expedia said: “Expedia’s #mysteryluggage challenge is all about the spirit of adventure. We all say we want to see new places and experience new things, but how far are we willing to go?” Interested onlookers will be able to follow Mr Sherifi’s adventure on social media using the hashtag #mysteryluggage. In addition, Mr Sherifi will film his adventures over the course of three days – the full video will be available on the Expedia.co.uk YouTube channel.

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