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Experience one luxurious Scandinavian holiday six luxurious ways


The new “Scandinavian Six” itinerary covers four countries with six mini vacations.

A new travel concept has been launched allowing guests to travel across Scandinavia and experience the best of the region in six mini-holidays. The coordinated Scandinavia Six vacation experience includes six separate adventures through four countries and recognizes travelers’ desires for shorter, more frequent vacations. Over the course of the year, travelers will immerse themselves in everything Scandinavia with experiences ranging from romantic log cabin stays and Northern Lights and Midnight Sun adventures to a history-focused city break.

The new concept was developed by travel experts at Off the Map Travel who recognized a desire for visitors to experience more of the region at different times of the year but were struggled to schedule an extended holiday due to work or other commitments. 

Included in this new holiday concept are six separate trips to Scandinavia, each lasting three nights over a long weekend,” says Jonathan Cooper, Arctic travel expert and founder of Off the Map Travel. “Although the overall plan can be adapted for each guest, the Scandinavian Six adventure is designed to offer accommodations and activities to showcase Scandinavia at its best across its varied seasons.”

Ideal for those with busy schedules, the new itinerary can be started at any point in the year.

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