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Fathom unveils onboard experience details


Carnival Corporation's new social impact brand to offer fun and unique onboard facilities and amenities. Fathom onboard activities will feature Spanish lessons, impact workshops, specialty restaurants, cultural immersion opportunities and more.

SEATTLE - Fathom, the pioneer in social impact travel and Carnival Corporation's 10th and newest brand, today shared details on its unique onboard facilities and amenities that will create an enjoyable, memorable experience for travelers.

Fathom travelers will sail aboard the intimate 704-passenger MV Adonia, which will provide each traveler with a safe, comfortable and amenity-equipped venue to prepare them to engage in community-based impact and cultural activities while in the Dominican Republic or Cuba. The Adonia offers extensive accommodations to appeal to every type of traveler including a spa complex, games deck, a pool overlooked by a sun deck, a fitness center with panoramic views and a wide selection of exercise equipment, a full-sized library, flavorful regionally inspired foods and lively Caribbean-themed musical performances.

While onboard Adonia, Fathom travelers will participate in uniquely captivating, immersive programming designed to entertain, inspire, prepare and instruct travelers on making the most out of their time onshore. The programming will range from engaging cultural and geographic immersions exploring the unique and storied histories and customs of the Dominican and Cuba, to interactive social impact workshops that will stimulate the imagination. Other examples include conversational Spanish coaching to help travelers interact with local citizens upon arrival. These onboard activities will be not just a learning experience, but a chance for travelers to transform personally, while spending time with people who share their view of a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

Fathom will also feature extensive entertainment programming ranging from culturally inspired music and movies to cocktail mixing and gourmet cooking classes.

Following are more details about Fathom's exciting onboard experience:
  • Food and beverage: The Ocean Grill is Adonia's specialty restaurant that will serve authentic and modern Cuban and Dominican food. The menu will emphasize the finest ingredients skillfully prepared to create a memorable experience that extends beyond the flavor-rich foods to help travelers further immerse and understand the cultures they will encounter. The Ocean Grill will be open for lunch and dinner.
  • Additionally, travelers can toast the evenings by raising a glass in Adonia's wine bar. The Glass House will focus on carefully selected new-world wines by the glass as well as beer and cocktails. The Glass House features an intimate setting and is perfect for exploring new tastes and engaging with like-minded travelers sharing this one-of-a-kind voyage. Hours of operation will be from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
  • Culture: Each voyage begins with one-to-two days at sea journeying to each destination, providing ample time for travelers to relax and settle in. While at sea, travelers may take advantage of a range of onboard facilities, amenities, activities and programming, while getting to know fellow travelers sharing their journey. These action- packed onboard activities will prepare travelers for their onshore adventures in each country, including getting them ready for their on-the-ground cultural experiences and impact work. Travelers to the Dominican Republic also will learn about a range of other exciting recreational activities, unique experiences and must-see landmarks available onshore.
  • Conversational Spanish sessions will provide travelers with a greater ability to communicate with local citizens and core impact classes that will help participants understand what it means to be a Fathom traveler, including how to work alongside and engage with locals for the most significant experience and community contribution.
  • Fathom trips are "impact inclusive" – including all carefully designed onboard cultural immersion events and impact workshops. They will also include access to all keynote speakers series and educational sessions about each country's history and geography that will help travelers become better familiarized with the Dominican Republic and Cuba.
  • Film: Travelers are invited to enjoy onboard film festivals featuring cinematic treasures cultivated from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They will experience an emotional journey through epic cinematic moments filled with heroes, laughter, and the romance of life in these beautiful Caribbean countries. Fathom's film series will also capture inspired points of view on social entrepreneurship and change makers that reflect everyday life in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, helping travelers gain a clearer understanding of how to make the greatest impact during their time onshore.
  • Music/Dance: While onboard as well as in port, travelers may enjoy the lively rhythms and catchy beats of popular Dominican and Cuban music. Bringing some of the best performers onboard, Fathom will present the ultimate concert experience at sea where travelers won't be able to resist moving to the beat. Local Dominican music and musicians will welcome travelers in Amber Cove, Carnival Corporation's newest port and destination development in the Caribbean.
  • Travelers may also brush up on their dance skills and expand their musical horizons by learning new rhythmic moves onboard during Fathom dance classes teaching merengue, the national dance in the Dominican Republic, and salsa, the national dance of Cuba.
  • Retail: The onboard retail experience on Fathom voyages will be unlike anything found anywhere else in the world. The one-of-a-kind collection of products will feature beautiful, unique and authentic goods and merchandise from purpose-driven businesses that empower local entrepreneurs around the globe.
  • Spa: Embody, Fathom's full-service onboard luxury spa, will provide an extensive array of restorative and rejuvenating treatments for travelers who want to relax throughout their journey as well as those looking to recharge after spending action-filled days onshore.
"One of the most important aspects of every Fathom voyage is the onboard experience before and after the on-ground activities because it combines a great community building environment and playground with a powerful educational venue," said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation. "While our key mission is giving back, we also think helping to improve the universe should be the most fun you ever have. And we are dedicated to ensuring lively entertainment both onboard and when people are on ground. There will be time for swimming in the beautiful Caribbean water, surfing and enjoying local restaurants and nightlife, for example."

Photo caption: MV Adonia.

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