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Features of repairing garage doors of different types


The rapid pace of troubleshooting is something that can be achieved thanks to the prompt departure of the master to the house.

Each gate system, even garage or entry barriers in suburban areas, is subjected to intensive use in difficult conditions. That is why they need constant attention and maintenance because this is the only way to ensure proper and reliable operation for a long time. However, even in the case of regular care and maintenance, various defects occur over time due to the natural wear and tear of the main elements or parts.

What problems can occur
During operation, various malfunctions may occur that require repair of the gate:

  • mechanical damage, violation of the geometry or integrity of the components;
  • temporary technical wear of doors during long work;
  • failure of garage parts caused by incorrect calculation of workloads, selection of automation or equipment with a low reserve of resource intensity;
  • breakdowns of automation due to frequent and sudden power surges in the mains supply.

To accurately determine the cause of breakdowns, it is better to contact garage door service specialists from Fix Garage Doors CA. Only after the diagnostics, specialists can determine the list of existing damage and malfunctions. In addition, the quality of Fix Garage Doors services is confirmed by the Best of the Best Homestars Award 2022.

Features of sectional doors repair
The most common cause of failure of such structures is the natural wear of lifting mechanisms, but other problems are also distinguished:

  • at a certain moment, a cable or spring breaks, the rollers and the shaft fail, it is necessary to replace individual damaged sandwich panels;
  • due to adverse environmental conditions (frost, temperature changes), the gate automation system often suffers: the electric motor, photocells, radio signal receiver break down (in this case, there are no reactions when pressing the remote control buttons);
  • The intensive or incorrect operation can lead to a violation of the tightness of the gate, and loosening of the leaf — in such situations, it is necessary to change the guide rails.

Regardless of the cause of the malfunction, experienced specialists quickly detect defects and breakdowns, and replace failed parts with new ones, restoring the efficiency of the entire structure.

Common damages of sliding doors
Such barrier systems are often installed in suburban areas or the territory of industrial facilities. As a rule, door repairs have to be performed when the foundation slab or gate leaf is skewed. Such problems can increase the load on the cantilever beams and electric drives, causing them to wear out prematurely.

Also, common causes of breakdowns include malfunctions of automation due to oxidation of electrical circuit elements, wire breaks, failure of photocells, etc. It is worth considering that an independent attempt to repair can lead to an aggravation of the problem and more expensive repairs, so it’s better not to save and seek professional help immediately.

Swing doors malfunctions
Since these barrier systems are of the simplest design, they are less prone to breakage, but sometimes they require repair. As a rule, the cause of the malfunction is the wear of the hinges, the breakdown of automation, and the violation of the geometry of the valves due to strong mechanical influences.

Problems with roller doors
Often, the repair of the gate has to be done due to malfunctions of the spring blocks, the cause of which was the deformation of the rolled web — mechanical damage or incorrect operation can lead to jamming of the system. In such a situation, it is often necessary to change the canvas, protective box, guide rails, and control mechanisms.

Features of garage door automation repair
The most diverse and complex are considered breakdowns of components of the automation system. To fix problems, specialists can change controls and additional (peripheral) devices. Good specialists have vast experience, which allows them to cope with breakdowns of any degree of complexity, regardless of the type, brand and model of automation.

It is worth considering that doors typically break at the most inopportune moments, so it is better to prevent serious defects than to eliminate their consequences. The rapid pace of troubleshooting is something that can be achieved thanks to the prompt departure of the master to the house. You call a specialist — he comes to carry out repairs in a short time. This greatly facilitates the life of customers and saves their money.

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