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Festive Road launches “Purposeful Travel Model”


Process supports organisations to build their future Travel & Meetings Programme.

LONDON, UK – Festive Road, the global consultancy on a mission to create better travel & meetings management, launched its “Purposeful Travel Model” as a complimentary tool for the industry. 

The model is designed to support travel managers & organisations to define “the why” of business travel and reflect this in their managed travel & meetings programme. It has been created after the company developed the Permissible Travel Framework in 2020, a resource described as “the how” of returning to travel. That framework was accessed by over 8,000 companies and contributed to Festive Road’s listing in the Business Travel News Hotlist in January.

Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan said, ”After we had such great feedback from the buyer community on the Permissible Travel Framework, we started hearing ”what’s next?”. Organisations are grappling with re-imagining the future of work and travel managers the future of travel. We believe the two are fundamentally linked. Getting to the “why” of travel is critical to ensure returning programmes can be more strategically aligned to their organisations’ future success. So, we brought together a group of buyers to help define a model and have been testing this approach across our buyer network. This first version of the Purposeful Travel Model will be socialised across the sector and the feedback from that will help to create future versions.”

The model defines three major categories of travel, with numerous subcategories, and a methodology to use with their stakeholders to assess the value of the travel types. It also provides travel managers with components to consider in travel programme operations, the downstream impact on the supply chain and guidance on how to engage senior stakeholders in the process.

“The traditional view of business travel is that there’s external and internal, and the latter can easily be cut. But the result of our listening exercise shows it is much more nuanced than that and that travel types sit across Organisation, Customer and People. We’re going to see some of these travel types decline and others grow as company and traveller behaviour changes, sustainability rises up the agenda and factors like competition, culture and client needs come into play. This will shape the Era of Purposeful travel”, said Paul Tilstone, Ms Strachan’s co-partner.

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