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Few incredible worldwide zip line experiences


Ziplining is a popular sport for many reasons. It allows you to glide over canyons, rivers, mountains, gorges, and even over cityscapes.

It's time to get away from the monotonous nature of your vacations and add a little adventure. Ziplining experiences offer you some of the best adrenaline rushes ever. However, while zip lines are fascinating, they're also fun for the whole family. Ziplining has gotten incredibly safe over the years, and it's something even the kids can enjoy – as long as they're brave enough to.

It is a novel activity that can change how you approach vacations and take you over some of the most spectacular sceneries globally and appreciate nature. 

This sport gives you thrill and can make an exciting addition to any trip. These trips are great fun for adventure seekers. Usually, family vacations can start to lack excitement over time. Ziplining, however, gives you memorable moments for a lifetime. However, with all the incredibly scenic locations worldwide, it can be hard to pick a spot. Below, we've listed the most incredible zip line experiences worldwide. Each of these locations has something unique to offer and can give you the experience of a lifetime.

Pigeon forge, USA 
Suppose you're looking for a joyful and exciting experience in zip lining. In that case, Pigeon Forge is the number one place to visit. Pigeon forge is a mountain vacation area. It is famous for being a perfect playground for families, couples, and groups visiting the Smoky Mountains. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Pigeon Forge. However, Pigeon Forge isn't just an idyllic mountain retreat. It can offer you a dose of excitement and adventure too.

Pigeon Forge zip lining is the most popular among adventure lovers. You can get a fun-filled 2 hours of zip lining, where you get an aerial view of the pretty mountain town. However, the zip line at Pigeon Forge isn't your regular, straight zip line. Instead, it's a zip line roller coaster that gives you additional excitement with all the twists and turns. It's a place where the entire family can push their boundaries and enjoy their mountain retreat with a twist. At Zipline Pigeon forge, you can enjoy a whole host of activities guaranteed to make your vacation memorable. 

Malam Jabba, Pakistan 
Although not the most popular tourist destination globally, Pakistan has a wealth of opportunities for tourists to enjoy and has breathtaking beauty. Malam Jabba is a mountain town in Swat, Pakistan, and is a ski resort famed for its spectacular beauty. The resort has all the modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. The region has a great, rich culture to learn. 

The zipline at Malam Jabba is 2000 feet long, 1000 feet high, and has speeds reaching 80km per hour. The zip line is incredibly inexpensive compared to international standards and offers you the beauty you can't get anywhere else. From the exceedingly high zip line, you can enjoy the views of the scenic mountains, dusted with clouds from all sides.

Cape Canopy Tours, South Africa 
The Cape Canopy Tour is only an hour from cape town and is a must-do activity for all adventure and nature lovers. A series of steel cables guide you along with the magnificent surrounding of a World Heritage Site. It is a panoramic landscape set to take your breath away. One of the most spectacular features of this zip line is that it allows you to fly over a spectacular double waterfall, giving you stunning views of the rugged mountains. 

The tour has instructions and equipment included. Even beginners can feel safe and comfortable under the supervision of trained staff. Many comments that the quality of the equipment and the staff's expertise help them overcome their fear of heights. 

La Tyrolienne, France 
La Tyrolienne holds the distinction of being the world's highest zip line, tucked safely away in the astounding French Alps. The zip line's starting altitude is a colossal 10,597ft and is a must-see attraction for anyone heading to the French Alps. Tourists can strap themselves into a fabric harness, making for a secure yet comfortable fit. The journey over two ski towns will take you only a minute and a half, but it'll be one you'll remember for the rest of your life. 

The panoramic view allows you to see nature like never before and feel unparalleled freedom. Furthermore, ziplining over some of the tallest mountains on the planet can give you a sense of self-confidence as you accomplish something incredibly daunting. 

Ziplining is a popular sport for many reasons. It allows you to glide over canyons, rivers, mountains, gorges, and even over cityscapes. Enjoying a zipline in any of these incredible locations will be an experience you'll never forget. Alongside giving you an immense adrenaline rush, it also allows you to appreciate nature much better and enjoy all the beauty the Earth has to offer. If you're looking to amp up your vacation with some adventure, there's no better option than a zip line experience. 

Photo by Laker from Pexels

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