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Five almost unknown Mediterranean islands that is worth visiting during a cruise


Those who choose a boat trip can count on this incredible privilege: they can exploit their leisure time exactly the way they want. 

According to more than one survey, the ideal summer vacation for many Europeans and Americans would be a long trip on a boat. Many Europeans, for example, would like to spend their summer holiday on a Yacht charter Greece, Italy and all the north-eastern Mediterranean Basin. The main reason seems to be the safety that a boat trip ensures, in an era when mingling with too many people in many different places could ease up a new coronavirus spread.

Along with it, there is, obviously, the suggestion of sailing the seas, touching the most beautiful Mediterranean shores, and being always able to manage the time. In fact, those who choose a boat trip can count on this incredible privilege: they can exploit their leisure time exactly the way they want. They don’t have to comply with schedules arranged by someone else or be conditioned by any strict timetable. The opportunity of enjoying our time in complete freedom, without being forced to submit to mandatory steps, is probably the most fascinating benefit that a boat can offer.

The only problem is: how many people can afford to live such an experience, albeit for a short period of time? Many of us tend to believe that this is a lifestyle that belongs only to extremely wealthy people. Nothing more wrong: around the world there are few qualified companies that allow to rent any kind of boat and sail in total safety for the number of days (or weeks, or even months) that any customer desires. Short, mid or long-term rentals: this seems to be the future of civil navigation. This kind of business opens up whole new market areas, including that mid-range of population that only a few years ago would have been left out from such opportunities.

And if the majority of this new customers aim to sail the Mediterranean, it appears appropriate to stimulate their curiosity through some unusual, out-of-scheme suggestions. Like, for example, five almost unknown insular destinations that they should not miss, once sailed off for the first time. They’re listed below.

1. Zakynthos. One of the most secluded of the Greek Islands, located in the eastern side of the Ionian Sea. On its territory there are lots of resorts and hotels, but any of them is built in the most absolute respect of the surrounding nature. It’s not by chance if the inland is occupied, in most part, by natural parks and reserves.

2. Mljet. This Dalmatian jewel is fit for those who love the most secluded and adventurous destinations. Almost entirely covered by a wooded area, the island offers just a few tourists facilities. For example, only a small number of bays are fit for mooring boats. But if you don’t mind sleeping in the open and giving up a lot of comforts, you may enjoy some of the most breath-taking landscapes of the entire Eastern Mediterranean area.

3. Gozo. It is the second island in order of size among the three isles that – along with a small group of uninhabited islets – make up the state of Malta’s territory (the first one is the homonymous Malta, while Comino’s the last). Besides its amazing rocky shores, the islands is renowned for its Neolithic ruins.

4. Favignana. The biggest of the Egadi Islands, located a few miles west of Sicily, is renowned for its famous “white sand beaches”. In particular, the Cala Rossa shore has been named the best beach of Italy in 2015. Despite that, the island is rarely crowded with tourists, and this makes it a perfect destination for an intimate boat trip.

5. Ponza. Are you looking for a cheapest alternative to Capri? This small island located north-west of the Amalfi Coast diamond – off the Latium coast – has all the amenities and the facilities that such a top-notch tourist destination needs, at less than half price. Besides its beautiful shores – and a small, charming port – it is renowned for its several churches and monasteries.

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