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Five essentials for camping


Ensure that all items are packed, and make sure to keep a close eye on where each item is. In other words, have a clear understanding of where toiletries, medicine, and other essentials are at all times.

Life returns to a new kind of regular following the coronavirus pandemic. Some are taking to the woods as a kind of extended vacation.

With the threat of the coronavirus still present, the need to get out there house is great, but the fear of returning to public life is menacing. The solution has been to embrace the great outdoors.

But, there is one problem. A quick google search will reveal that there are hundreds of "must-have" items for every camping venture. If one were to follow their advice, the cost of a simple camping venture could run north of $1000.

While experienced enthusiasts may call that a measly amount, well, in the grand scheme of things, the novice may not share the belief. They may view the cost as too steep to gamble on whether camping or the outdoors is actually enjoyable.

So, here is an essential beginners' guide with five must-have items for any camping trip.

When it comes to surviving outdoors, reliable shelter is a must for a day or a week. Be sure to research thoroughly every tent up for consideration.

Not all tents are created equal. Some tents are designed for cold weather situations. These kinds of tents will have extra insulation and may be found for summiteers looking to scale mountainsides.

Some tents claim to be universal, capable of being used at least three seasons out of the year. These kinds of tents are versatile, but once again, not all tents are created equal.

The best piece of advice for anyone looking for great products is to check the camping gear reviews.

Sleeping supplies
Do not skimp on the sleeping supplies. Be sure to buy a good sleeping bag that is appropriate for the weather. Do not buy a cold-weather sleeping bag for summer camping.

However, aside from a good blanket, it is imperative to pack a good sleeping pad. This small pad, which should be roughly 2 inches thick, acts barrier from the hard ground.

A pro tip: If sharing a sleeping bag, be sure to find a pad that fits the sleeping bag. There is nothing worse than sharing a sleeping bag with someone and only fitting on half the sleeping pad.

In other words, a great night's rest can make a sunny day even brighter.

Bug spray
Having bug spray is just as essential as doing a tick check after leaving the woods. This should not be viewed as optional. There are a number of parasitic insects in the woods; stay protected.

When purchasing a bug spray, look for one that contains at least 40% DEET. This will add protection against ticks and other nasty bloodsuckers.

Another good option for the overly paranoid is to bring fresh mint. Hanging fresh mint near the entrances of the tent can help deter spiders.

While it may not completely prevent a spider from becoming an unwanted bunkmate, it can at least provide some peace of mind to anyone who has arachnophobia.

Lighting is essential. Do not save money on this camping essential. While a deal is fine, be sure to purchase extra batteries if the light requires them.

There should be backup devices for the original, and there should be several different kinds of lights. Glow sticks are also great for gentle lights in the tent if camping with a child.

This may seem silly, but it is essential to make sure there is adequate lighting without seeing in the dark, the likelihood of an injury increase.

Make sure that a first aid kit is readily accessible. Within it should be several iodine tablets for making emergency drinking water.

The pack should also include pain killers for headaches or minor injuries. Burn cream and bandages are great to have, along with a good pair of scissors.

Preparing to camp is a process. That being said, there are better ones than others. So, before camping, make a point to lay out the items on a table.

Ensure that all items are packed, and make sure to keep a close eye on where each item is. In other words, have a clear understanding of where toiletries, medicine, and other essentials are at all times.

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