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Five must-have features in healthcare signage


A carefully and well thought healthcare signage is key to creating a comforting and familiar experience for patients and visitors.

In the hospital, various people are found, such as employees, patients, lab technicians, visitors, and pharmacists. Their services are available with care and reassurance. Some hospital plans are generally complex and intimidating. Today on hospital premises, several different buildings with a variety of facilities are available. A carefully and well thought healthcare signage is key to creating a comforting and familiar experience for patients and visitors.

Hospitals are large and complex buildings where different departments are found. Healthcare signage helps people to find their way around. For effective healthcare signage, five Must-have features in healthcare signage are best.

Integrated design
Effective healthcare signage incorporates an integrated design. The purpose is to provide the right cues at the right place. However, if it is not right, the whole purpose is lost. It needs to include various elements like exterior sign solutions that direct people to the right building or car part. The integrated design can provide the proper guide inside the building. Moreover, notice boards that mention emergency requirements display the daily or weekly menus in the canteen, hospital procedures for workers and doctors, and calendars for easy scheduling.

Clear content
The primary aspect is content on healthcare signage. According to research, a hospital can lose almost $12 billion a year due to inefficient communication. Therefore, there is a need for clear instructions for every person to take the desired action and reach the location. By this, a doctor can reach on time in the emergency ward. A supplier can find the way of any ward.

Every hospital has a different environment, and it also changes constantly. An important aspect of healthcare signage is to keep it updated. Some require frequent changes such as on-duty notices, activity boards, notices about emergencies, or the doctor's names on duty. So signages are important and can easily change with just a thumb flick without costing too much to the hospitals.

Workflow management
Workflow management ensures that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right place. Basically, employees and staff for daily operations need to provide relevant information, current policies, and procedures, increase their morale, and keep engaged in their jobs. Reports suggest that almost 20-25% of employees' productivity could be improved by workflow management.

Enhance your brand image through signages
Your selection of colors and fonts should be a reflection of your brand. The consistency will create a brand image as the user navigates through the premise. This impact helps the users to relate to your brand. Some other elements like art, fabric frames, and graphics can also be used to display the brand information.

Bottom line
Patient satisfaction scores are generally low in hospitals all around the world. Late out and missed appointments are common. The staff spends thousands of houses to the right areas within the hospital premise. It is a global challenge and stressful for visitors and patients. Healthy and effective healthcare signage can alleviate the healing environment. So if you want to update your signage, make sure it is pleasing and welcoming with a caring tone.

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