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Five must-haves for your next travel adventure


Before you set off on your next travel adventure, you need to be smart and stock up on these 5 must-haves

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic is over. What this means is that millions of people around the world are now booking flights, packing their bags, and jetting off to exciting locations. It’s fair to say that they deserve it after the travel restrictions of the past couple of years – and you do, too. 

But before you set off on your next travel adventure, you need to be smart and stock up on these 5 must-haves. Not only will they make your life easier, but they’ll also make your trip or holiday more enjoyable. When you think about it, what more could you ask for? 

1. Smartphone 
Make no doubt about it, you can’t go travelling in the modern era without a smartphone. If you do, you’re going to find it near-impossible to get around efficiently, stay in contact with your friends, and keep yourself entertained during any down moments. 

For instance, if you’re going to be heading on a 7-hour flight soon, then you’ll need something to occupy your attention (otherwise, you’ll be bored stiff - and sleeping on airplanes is pretty much impossible!). So, it’s a good idea to play some games on your smartphone whilst travelling, such as AUS online pokies. Slot machine games are typically short and exciting on mobile, which is why they’re the perfect counterbalance for long journeys. 

2. Portable charger
Next, you’re going to want to bring a portable charger with you wherever you go. 

A portable charger will enable you to charge your smartphone, laptop, or any other device when its juice is running low. This could even be a genuine lifesaver in certain situations, such as if you got lost whilst hiking in the mountains. 

Most portable chargers can fit in pockets and backpacks, so there’s no need to worry about too much space being taken up. 

3. Travel pillow
If you know that you’re going to be travelling long distances a lot, then make sure to carry a travel pillow. This will prevent you neck from stiffening up, whether you’re riding the train or flying from country to country. Your neck will thank you for it!

4. Hand sanitizer 
Most people have drastically changed their hygiene habits since the recent pandemic. Now, it’s much more common to carry hand sanitizer with you – especially whilst travelling. After all, it’s easy to pick up germs when you’re out travelling for a while and touching different surfaces. Thankfully, though, hand sanitizers can kill most of the germs on your hands, preventing you from getting ill – which you obviously don’t want to happen during a trip!

5. Small first aid kit 
To wrap this article up, it’s impossible not to mention first aid kits. 

In your bag or suitcase, make sure you always carry a small and compact first aid kit. You never know when you might need it. Touch wood, you won’t – but accidents can happen! 

In your first aid kit should be ibuprofen, antiseptic creams, antibacterial wipes, plasters, and other important items.

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