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Five places to visit this year


Everyone’s stress levels have increased over the last year and many are experiencing depression and anxiety because of the huge hardships brought on by the global pandemic.

If 2020 was the year to stay home, 2021 is the year to get away! After navigating the last year, you deserve a vacation. Everyone’s stress levels have increased over the last year and many are experiencing depression and anxiety because of the huge hardships brought on by the global pandemic. Vacations can significantly reduce stress, both while you’re on the trip and once you get home. What more reason do you need to travel and explore? Here are five places you have to visit this year. 

1. Big Bend National Park
Wanting to get it away from it all? Take a trip to Big Bend National Park in West Texas. Big Bend sits on the border of Mexico and Texas and offers a broad and vast beauty. It’s no surprise that the park is Texas-big, with over 1,200 square miles of space to explore. It offers more than 150 miles of trails, both in the Chisos Mountains and the Chihuahuan Desert. You can spend the day hiking, cross over to Mexico in the park and explore the village of Boquillas, or kayak the Rio Grande River. There’s so much to do and the surrounding area is rustic, with small towns that aren’t overcrowded. Big Bend is a great place to camp or glamp and will take you far away from it all. 

2. The Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of land off the southern peninsula of Italy. With sheer cliff drop-offs, beautiful beaches and delicious Mediterranian cuisine, there’s no better place to escape life. These Italian towns offer wonderful shopping as well as breathtaking scenery. Viewing the colorful villages that dot the shoreline from the sea is an absolute dream. This makes taking a cruise to visit the likes of Sorrento and Positano a perfect solution. Last minute cruise deals can get you there quickly and provide a huge cost savings. Plus, if you visit via cruise ship, you only have to unpack once and know where you’re going for dinner every night!

3. Bali, Indonesia
If you’re looking for the perfect mix of beaches, hiking and mindfulness, take a trip to Bali. Bali offers beautiful beaches, as well as hikes featuring waterfalls and volcanic views. Because of Indonesia’s ancient religious traditions and historical temples, it’s also a place to go to explore yoga and practice meditation. Yoga and meditation both help decrease stress and put life in perspective, making one of Bali’s many yoga retreats a great fit for a stress-free getaway. Whether you’re looking for a week-long experience, or just want to spend a couple of days finding your inner yogi, Bali has an adventure that will fit your desires. 

4. Madeira Beach, Florida
The Florida Gulf Coast offers picturesque and beautiful beaches. Madeira Beach, just outside St. Petersburg is one of the most fetching lines of coast in the United States. Enjoy sun, sand and fresh seafood. White sand beaches off of Florida’s Gulf Coast are great for long, romantic walks and viewing the perfect sunset over the ocean. Stay at one of the opulent resort hotels and luxuriate oceanside or by the pool. Treasure Island sits just south of Madeira and offers great shopping, including a Florida winery. This is also a great place to charter a boat for deep sea fishing, another fun way to enjoy the Gulf Coast.

5. The Wild West
Find your inner cowboy by visiting a ranch in Wyoming. Wyoming is full of intriguing history and rich landscapes to explore. Enjoy the vastness of the wide open space, with mountains in the distance. Most ranches offer luxuries like spas and upgraded suites. Activities like horseback riding, shooting and pottery classes abound. Wyoming is just a short drive from many national parks, giving you an opportunity to explore the magnificence and beauty of these spots as well. This picturesque area of the United States is worth the trip.

No matter, where you go, get away this summer. You deserve it!

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