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Five reasons to visit Dublin this year


 Keep reading to discover the 5 main reasons why Dublin is the perfect place to visit this year.

Many people are looking to get away this summer with COVID restrictions lifted and the British Isles can be a great option whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a long vacation. There are many places to visit, but few are as good as Dublin. Keep reading to discover the 5 main reasons why Dublin is the perfect place to visit this year.

1. Genuine taste of Ireland
First, you will find that Dublin is the perfect way to get a real taste of Ireland. There is something special about Ireland and it has its own culture, history and heritage to discover. Dublin is a great place for this with the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin Castle and River Liffey just a few examples. 

2. Brewery & distillery tours
Of course, Ireland is known for its Guinness and whiskey, and the tours here are an incredible experience. The Guinness brewery tour is a must-visit and a chance to see how the black stuff is made as well as sample it straight from the source - it will be the best Guinness you ever have! In addition to this, whiskey lovers will want to check out the distillery tours that are fascinating and good fun.

3. Thriving nightlife
Dublin is also famous for its nightlife and is perfect for those that enjoy a big night out or a quiet night in a cosy pub. You have many great pubs, bars, clubs and res-taurants to check out during your stay and a friendly, fun atmosphere throughout. To really make the most out of this, you will want to stay in a hotel in the centre of Dublin so you do not have to worry so much about getting home after a big night!

4. Literary significance
Dublin - and Ireland in general - also is an important place in terms of literary history. Whether you are in academia or you are simply a lover of reading, you will find Dublin a great place to visit and understand why so many of history’s greatest writers called Dublin and Ireland home.

5. Stunning architecture
It is also hard not to be amazed by the architecture throughout Dublin that gives it an ancient, historic feel. There is history to discover on every street with plenty of historical buildings and monuments to discover as you wander the streets and take in the sights.

These are just 5 reasons to visit Dublin this year, but the truth is that there are many more. This is one of the greatest cities in Europe and one that has some-thing for everyone. It is the ideal place for a fun-filled weekend or a longer vaca-tion and somewhere to visit with your partner, with a group of mates or as a family. 

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