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Five reasons to visit Japan at least once in your lifetime


In this post, we're going to be looking at a few reasons why that is so.

When we speak of eye-catching tourism destinations in East Asia, Japan stands head and shoulder above the rest. Talk about cultural centers and heritage sites, cuisines and festivals, lifestyle and fashion, sights and views; Japan has everything a traveler could wish for.

This is why the country has been a popular travel destination amongst travelers for generations. According to reports,Japan received over 32 million international tourists in 2018 alone. In that same year, countries like China received 31 million tourists, Australia had 9.4 million tourists, and Canada did just 6.7 million. In fact, Canada's best tourism year (22 million tourists in 2019) is still way off Japan’s numbers.

Indeed, Japan is loved by tourists and travelers alike. In this post, we're going to be looking at a few reasons why that is so.

1. Non-stop fireworks celebrations in the Summer
Every Summer, Japanese locals gather together to celebrate traditional festivals. Usually, the themes of these events are fun, entertainment, and lots of parades.

It is arguably the best time of the year to witness the magic of Japanese culture and glamor. The streets are packed with vendors. The cuisines are flying about with tasty aromas. The locals are dancing like it's a never-ending party. And to top it off, you get an hour-long of non-stop fireworks celebrations. Yes, like literally – one full of watching fireworks crack the sky.

2. The food
If you’re tired of the vending machine cheese and cherry we eat here in the US, head to Japan for your winter break, and you’ll be glad you did.

For the Japanese, cooking is an art. And as such, it shouldn't be done in patches. Japanese make just about any cuisine amazing – both local meals and intercontinental ones. Here, the food is always hot – yes, like red-hot hot (LOL), which makes excellent choices for on-the-go snacking.

Before now, you’ve probably never tried Japanese foods like sashimi & sushi, cha soba, ramen, shioyaki saba, teriyaki salmon, etc. This is a great chance to have a taste of one of those.

3. A chance to tap into the growing mini truck industry
If you’ve been observant, you’ve probably noticed a new vehicle trend here in the US lately. This vehicle trend has also been making waves in Canada, Australia, and some parts of Europe, too.

I’m talking about the appearance of the small-sized, four-wheeled mini trucks we have in our societies. We see them everywhere, from golf courses to school campuses, gardens to farmyards, delivery services to construction sites, and so much more.

Can you guess where these trucks are being produced and shipped from? Yes, you guessed right, Japan. Japan is the source of the majority of the used mini trucks we see in North America and Europe today.

If you'd like to tap into this industry – become a dealer or just get one truck for yourself – visiting Japan may be a wise thing to do. Although you can buy these trucks online, nothing beats going to the source and doing a thorough search yourself. In Japan, you’ll find better deals and better trucks.

4. Sightseeing
Japan is not far behind the rest of the world in terms of aesthetically pleasing modern views. In fact, not until recently, Tokyo had the tallest building in the world. In the previous decades before the arrival of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Tokyo’s Skytree comfortably occupied the position of the world’s tallest building.

Even now, the Skytree is still tall and standing. Home to an amazing restaurant, café, and an observation deck, the Tokyo Skytree will surely leave you astounded if you visit just once.

5. Fashion
Some people actually claim Tokyo is the home of Asian fashion.

And maybe they aren’t wrong. For one, there is hardly any designer brand you can think of that doesn’t have a presence in Tokyo. In fact, many people from other Asian cities actually travel to Tokyo for their fashion shopping.

Here, you’ll find some mind-blowing fashion lines, eclectic fashionistas with inspiring ideas, and a staggering number of fashion boutiques.

To put it simply, a visit to Japan is a sure way to reignite your fashion spark.

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