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Five reasons why travel is the best education for students


Here, we prepared 5 main reasons why travel is the best way to gain knowledge for students.

Most of us would agree that the best education and all the vital skills we require in life do not come from school or even university. Books and lectures are crucial, but they are not the only way to study. Therefore, it is quite logical that the question "where do we get all the necessary knowledge?" occurs.

It’s well-known that traveling abroad gives you numerous experiences which may be useful in everyday life. In fact, exploring the world is not only an interesting process but also a very necessary one. Actually, traveling is the best education, especially for youth. Different cultures, languages and traditions shape and influence the worldview. Here, we prepared 5 main reasons why travel is the best way to gain knowledge for students.

Learning new languages
A lot of students and young people are fluent in English. So, very often, the question arises, "What is the purpose of studying other languages if English is understood by almost everyone." Such a misconception is very common. So, let’s figure out why learning new languages is an essential thing.

First, not all parts of the world speak or understand English. In addition, learning at least the basics of the language of the country you travel to shows respect for its culture. Another important reason is practice. Usually, students study the language according to the curriculum, listening to audio and reading books in the original. Expressing yourself in a foreign tongue might be a bit difficult, so it is good to get help from experts and native speakers. Different tools can help you - watching films with subtitles, reaching out for services by Edusson or finding yourself a pan pal from around the world. Travel, in turn, helps to develop these skills more cohesively. In this way, you have an opportunity to practice such things as an accent, understanding of native speakers, slang and pronunciation skills.

One of the most crucial traits of a successful student is confidence. It's common knowledge that nothing will help to develop this quality better than getting out of your comfort zone. And oddly enough, travel is exactly what is needed for this. When you visit another country, you immerse yourself in its culture, which is completely different from what you are used to. In addition, overcoming difficulties while staying in an unusual environment hardens the character and prepares youth for further independent life.

When a person is able to adapt to life even in a foreign country, which includes communication with others or solving certain organizational issues, it definitely develops confidence.

It inspires your creativity
A lot of research has been done to find out how traveling impacts one’s consciousness. It shows that visiting foreign countries increases cognitive ability and flexibility of thoughts. So, why does traveling while in college have such a good effect on our level of creativity?

Let's explain it in more simple terms. We’ll start with the fact that, as adults, we have a daily, unchanging routine. For example, we get up at the same time, go to university or work, and walk the same route over and over again. In fact, it is a tiring process for our brain because, in this way, the ability to notice and analyze details is suppressed.

However, when we travel, everything seems new, unusual and interesting to us. As we already know, traveling forces us to step out of our comfort zone. There is a break from everyday routine, so the cognitive function is fully activated. That is why new ideas and the best solutions are often found during trips.

You learn more about people
Another main advantage of travelling is people. When you come to a foreign country, you completely immerse yourself in its culture and traditions. Communicating with people who belong to other nations with their customs which differ from your own leads to learning many things. This is one of the factors that shape and influence our world outlook.

Going on a trip, you will definitely make new acquaintances. It doesn't matter if it's your fellow passenger on the plane, a local vendor, a hotel waiter or a married couple you met on the beach. However, each has their own beliefs, worldview, and traditions that form their personality. They’ll make you think about the things that you have not even thought about before, look at situations from different angles, and understand how unique and original each culture is. Perhaps, unexpectedly for yourself, you will find out that every day we are surrounded by thousands of interesting people. You may never meet these people again, or you may become close friends with some of them. It doesn’t matter because each of them will leave an unforgettable trace in your memory.

It challenges you to grow
Travel is what motivates people to cultivate. It hardens character, teaches how to solve unexpected problems, how to get out of difficult situations, correctly plan your time and communicate with totally different people. In such situations, strengths are most often revealed, which otherwise could remain hidden. You don't just explore new places and landscapes during your journey, but it’s also a great opportunity for self-knowledge. Tolerance, patience, intelligence, resilience, and endurance challenge you to grow and improve.

Traveling can inspire you to express yourself in different ways. As John Steinbeck once said, “A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. We don't take a trip. A trip takes us.” A burst of positive emotions and an inner sense of freedom makes us happier; all this can be found in travels. So, if you feel a thirst for change, moving somewhere for a couple of days is the best way to start a new phase of life.

So, in conclusion, it doesn't matter how long you've been studying at university or how many books or stories you've read, travel always has something to offer you. Traveling gives you time and the opportunity to reconsider everything. Whatever the purpose of your trip, look for positive emotions, take useful experiences and don't be afraid to go for adventures. To all those who are dreaming about traveling, you should start right now because there will never be a better time for it. We sincerely hope that we have managed to inspire and motivate you to go on a journey.

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