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Flip.to brand advocate platform adds mobile functionality

Mobile landing page makes it easier than ever for hotels to leverage guest incentives into future bookings.
ORLANDO - Flip.to, a brand advocate platform that helps hotels leverage the marketing power of social networks by encouraging guests to spread the word about upcoming stays, has unveiled new mobile functionality to facilitate organic promotions and generate flip.to mobile additional bookings on the go. The new Flip.to mobile landing page is the latest innovation for the hotel industry's fastest growing brand advocate technology.

With the new mobile functionality, when guests share about their upcoming stay via Flip.to, their social connections can easily interact with the link through any mobile device. The system is seamless and automatically directs the friends of the guest to the page that works best for the device they are using while maintaining all of the functionality.

"Implementation of our new mobile functionality is a snap for hotels," says Kristi White, Vice President of Global Sales Strategy for Flip.to. "Our platform automatically detects the device being used and renders the appropriate page. So, the only thing the hotel needs to do is review styling of the page. Once they give the green light, we can instantly switch it on for the property."

Flip.to reaches travelers around the world in a natural, trusted way to boost brand awareness and have a significant, measurable impact on a hotel's revenue and market presence. Most consumers inherently trust the opinion of friends, relatives and colleagues in their social network far more than traditional advertisements. Flip.to taps into that sentiment, transforming hotel guests into a huge, enthusiastic and trusted marketing force.

Each guest on average has well over 195 social connections, leading to brand advocates that have a long reach, make strong brand connections and in turn, generate a measurable uptick in booked room nights that Flip.to tracks. A typical Flip.to brand awareness campaign results in 20% of guests becoming trusted advocates for the hotel.
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