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Fotaflo and Peek form partnership to enhance memory marketing for travel companies


Fotaflo and Peek aim to improve tour providers’ guest experiences by strategizing the photo and video sharing process.

BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS - Memory marketing platform Fotaflo has partnered with, a leading experiences booking software and marketplace. As partners, Fotaflo and Peek will further shape photo and video sharing in the travel industry. 

Fotaflo supports tour operators and guides in building dynamic relationships with their customers with a one-stop marketing and reporting service, seamless photo and video memories distribution, and personalized guest milestones. In turn, travelers are more likely to attach increased value, positive feelings, and meaning to an adventure experience. Used by thousands of travel companies, Peek’s all-in-one platform supports tour providers to maximize revenue with its advanced payment processes, speedy point-of-sale (POS) system, digital check-in, and customizable booking flow.

With Zapier, a product that integrates end-users, travel companies that use Peek can easily connect with Fotaflo as part of their existing booking platform. Tour guides will be able to continue operating their Peek system the same way, just with an additional Fotaflo feature. When Peek guides take their guests on an adventure, they can capture the travelers’ experiences using the Fotaflo iOS or Android app, and the integration will automatically deliver personal albums to them through email and SMS after their experience. Fotaflo’s white-label photo album is designed to provide intuitive next-step options for customers, like social media and email sharing, review requests, and links to the operator’s website. The result is an increase in purchases, referrals and brand advocacy for tour providers.

Tour providers can maximize their marketing results with minimum overhead cost and effort with Fotaflo’s simple photo and video distribution. At the same time, its reporting feature measures the behavior of referrals and advocates and identifies the best communication channels to connect with guests throughout their lifetime.

“We are so pleased to have partnered with Peek to allow operators a simple and easy way to capture and deliver memories of their guests. With the Zapier integration, clients using Peek have complete access to our platform and can share their guest’s memories strategically, increase referrals and advocacy, and provide them with a better experience,” says Ryan O’Grady, Founder and CEO of Fotaflo.

“We are confident that by partnering with Peek, guests of tour providers will have a seamless experience filled with joyful memories that they can keep forever. And the photo-sharing process will be simpler for guides, too.” Ryan adds.

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