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Four best must-visit places in Adelaide Hills


If you don’t have any idea about where to go in Adelaide Hills yet, worry no more! Below are some of the most highly recommended tourist spots that you must see in Adelaide Hills.

Travelling to South Australia on your next holiday? Make Adelaide Hills your top destination. This part of the region has a lot to offer more than just the chilly weather. 
Certainly, there are a lot of places to go where you can experience a different culture and have a fill of the best-tasting food! 
If you don’t have any idea about where to go in Adelaide Hills yet, worry no more! Below are some of the most highly recommended tourist spots that you must see in Adelaide Hills.
So get your travel bags ready and head to South Australia!
1. Villeta Porcini
If you’re an ultimate foodie, Villeta Porcini must be on your bucket list. Not only will it tantalize your taste buds, but it will also give you the ultimate dreamy experience.
Villeta Porcini is a European-style stone hut restaurant that sits among the flowers, beehives, mushrooms, and veggie patches in the middle of a botanical garden.
Seriously, once you get there, the whole place feels like a dream.
Not to mention their food is heavenly! Villetta Porcini’s menu is prepared and cooked by the world-class chef Andre Ursini.
So if you consider yourself a fan of food and culture, visit Villeta Porcini in Adelaide Hills.
2. Mount Lofty House
If there’s a place that will best represent Adelaide Hills, it’s the Mount Lofty House. It’s a huge, iconic mansion that sits on top of Mount Lofty Hills, hence the name.
From Adelaide CBD, Mount Lofty House is just a 15-minute drive. On your way there, you’ll pass by the gorgeous botanical gardens and you’ll see the picturesque Piccadilly Valley.
Once you get to the mansion’s premises, it’s a whole different experience. Because there are several things you can do there:
  • Sip away your time with a great whiskey collection and other cocktails in Arthur Waterhouse Lounge
  • Cosy up by the fireplace
  • Pig out in the award-winning Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant
  • Explore the mansion and have a look at the estate’s luxurious rooms and suites
If these things are your jam, visit Mount Lofty House in Adelaide Hills!
3. Jurlique Farm
If you’re a big fan of the skincare brand, Jurlique, or at least used one or two of their products, dropping by the Jurlique Farm is worth a shot!
This 42-hectare farm houses all the herbs, flowers, and other essential plants that are needed to make their skincare and cosmetic products.
If you want to see what goes behind the scenes and what goes in every product that you use, Jurlique will be more than happy to show you around their farm!
You’re going to learn about the processes that they do in making their skincare products. They might even give you some take-home freebies!
4. Golding Wines
If you like wine, Adelaide Hills is the best place to go. Its map is dotted with cellars and distilleries. One of those winemakers is Golding Wines.
If you think the spirits in Mount Lofty House are not enough, you can visit Golding Wines. They’re one of the great ones in all of Adelaide Hills and South Australia.
Golding Wines have cellar doors in almost every corner of their winery and behind each door lies a great collection of Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
These are only some of the best places to visit in Adelaide Hills. If you keep exploring this part of the region, for sure you’ll discover a lot of great places that are worth a second visit!
If you found this piece helpful, and you want to know more about Adelaide Hills, there’s more at
Photo by docsunny50 from Pixabay
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