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Fox World Travel and Traxo partner


Helping Fox corporate clients gain fll visibility into their business travel.

DALLAS/OSHKOSH,WIS -  Fox World Travel, a business travel management company (TMC), and Dallas-based Traxo Inc., the world's leading travel data aggregator, announced today at the Business Travel Show America that they have joined forces to help Fox customers obtain comprehensive corporate booking data for enhanced traveler duty of care, as well as deeper travel spend insights.

"Although COVID19 has created global disruption in travel for both leisure and business travel, TSA checkpoint travel numbers are on the rise, showing travel has begun to recover," said Traxo Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andres Fabris.

"Now is the ideal time for corporate travel departments to make sure they have the proper systems in place to ensure they can keep ALL of their employees safe as they resume traveling," Fabris continued. "Fox World Travel is a TMC innovator and thought leader for realizing that despite travel policy mandates, there will always be inevitable business travel bookings that occur outside of the mandated channels, resulting in critical gaps in visibility. Without full and real-time visibility into all corporate travel bookings, neither the TMC nor the corporation can effectively provide duty-of-care coverage for all of their traveling employees." 

Compared to other data capture tools that require travelers to manually forward confirmation emails, Traxo's solution requires no training, action or effort on behalf of the employee.  The travel bookings, including cancellations or trip changes, are automatically captured as they are made, enabling Fox and the travel manager to immediately react and make adjustments as needed for risk mitigation and cost savings purposes. 

“Complete visibility into every traveler’s business trip itinerary data is a luxury many travel managers have long desired,” stated Fox World Travel Chief Executive Officer Chip Juedes. “Now, in a more safety-conscious and risk-sensitive environment, our clients will have the insight and thus the ability to support ALL their travelers through enhanced duty of care initiatives.  Full visibility is not simply a luxury as it once was; it’s an essential need in today’s business travel landscape.”

The new Traxo for TMCs offering provides corporate travel agencies like Fox with seamless access to their clients’ non-TMC booking data. TMCs simply refer their clients to Traxo for implementation, and once live, the non-TMC booking and spend data aggregated by Traxo is instantly available to the corporate's TMC via online reporting tools and API integration. The TMC can then consolidate that additional data into their own applications and support services as desired.

Fox World Travel plans to roll out this new service offering to their clients immediately. In doing so, its clients will now have fully integrated data visualization of all travel spend through Fox’s proprietary platform, Cognition™, and in the end, a more comprehensive way to manage their travel program. 

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