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Full guide for buying a folding bike


Let’s start with the origin story. 

You all know what a folding bike is. A folding bike is very easy to carry while one is on an adventure tour! The easy usage makes it very demandable. Music lovers know about iconic musician David Byrne who used to travel on his folding bike in the 1980s era. He used to write all his travel journeys in a book which later gained fame.

But there are many things you don’t know about our daily riding partner. Let’s start with the origin story. 

Roots of folding bikes 
Folding bikes came into the picture in the 20th century. It was used by the military. They used to strap them on the backs of soldiers. The general public came into touch with folding bikes in the 70s. From its initial days, it was very popular. Bike companies used to produce Raleigh also. Brompton and Dahon brand was famous during that era. Folding bikes have had a great development during all these years. The body, brakes, design, stability, etc., changed. Now people are ditching their automobiles for its sake. In London underground station, you can carry your folding bike while the train ride. There are different types of folds available on the market. You people already know about e-bikes and super lightweight bikes. This type of folding fat bike has a long history!

How to know which folding bike is right for you
Before buying one for yourself, try to know what is right for you.

  • Small wheels bike – These bikes come in 16”- or 20” wheeled flavors. They are decorated with useful accessories like bells, mudguards, chain guards, luggage racks, and so on. You know, small wheel bikes were considered classical bikes. Small wheeled folded bikes are designed to be ultra-compact while folding. However, these bikes are not suitable for long-distance rides. If you want something for small hop or classic usage, then go for it. People who want bikes with comfortable parking buys small-wheeled folding bike. It’s really easy to park such bikes. You can store it in a train carriage or a corner. It won’t take a lot of places.
  • Full-size wheels – If you feel uncomfortable with small-wheeled bikes, then go for full-size wheelers. It not only offers high performance but also can be used as a Mountain bike or road bike. Manufacturers, while making this bike, tried to make something that comes with all sorts of mechanisms. If you are a frequent flyer, then full-size wheelers are the best choice for you! These folding fat bikes can be your partner during adventure rides.

Things you should l while buying a folding bike 

  1. Check the size of your bike. Choose according to your parking zone. Look into the folded dim
  2. Check the fold precisely. Like how quickly you can fold it
  3. Check the mechanism of the fold if it is pulled up together by a clamp or trying technique. Also, check if it needs an extra bike bag
  4. Check for the weightage of a bike. Choose light weighted bikes, so you can carry them comfortably
  5. Ensure the folding security of your bike if it’s a comfortable fit for the type of cycling you want. Not every folded bike is for racing or daily use
  6. Don’t forget to check the riding position. It should be comfortable to sit while going for a long ride. The frame material should be id aluminium or aluminium alloy. Though nowadays, steel models are also available
  7. The brakes should be caliper brakes or v-style brakes
  8. Look for low-maintenance gears and other ancillaries

Folding bikes are made for the last mile journey. It’s not only easy to maintain, but the pricing is so affordable. Brompton bikes are made in such a way that you can fold and put them in a corner. People who live in the suburbs can easily afford folding bikes. If you are a green revolutionist, then a folding bike is your ideal journey partner. You can save fuel and pollution. So we hope this blog will help you with how to buy a folding bike. Enjoy your adventures with the folding bike! To know more, check out our official website today. 

Photo by Natalie Dmay from Pexels

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