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Fun activities for tourists to do in Singapore


Here are some of the most popular activities that many travelling business executives to Singapore do.

Many people travel to Singapore on a yearly basis, and many of them are in Singapore for business. One of the most popular financial hubs in the world, Singapore attracts lots of companies and businesses to Singapore. As a result, many travelling business executives and expatriates either live in or travel to work in Singapore too. While Singapore has a reputation of being a world class business and investment hub, Singapore is not boring, and has lots of activities for you to have fun doing too. If you love the city or the hustle and bustle, you will love Singapore. Here are some of the most popular activities that many travelling business executives to Singapore do.

Visit the world-famous Marina Bay Sands icon
Built by Las Vegas Sands corporation, Marina Bay Sands has often been captured in nearly every photograph you see depicting Singapore’s skyline. With its iconic design, casino, lots of luxury boutiques, fine dining restaurants and an overall pleasing environment to be in, Marina Bay Sands is a hotspot among all tourists to SG. It is an especially hot favorite among the wealthy tourists.

Meet local Singaporean girls
One of the reasons why many foreign tourists like meeting girls in Singapore is because Singapore is predominantly an English-speaking country. In fact, it is the only English-speaking country in the entire South East Asia region, with Hong Kong coming in as a far second. It is the reason why that many business executives who are travelling around the South East Asia region decide to meet girls only when they are in Singapore – because they know there will be no language barrier as every girl they meet locally will be able to converse well in English.

If you prefer something more discreet and privacy conscious with no strings attached, then you might want to simply visit a Singapore escort website from the privacy of your own hotel room or residence, and book a girl over the Internet or phone. As these working escort girls in Singapore are also privacy conscious due to the local culture in SG, you can rest assured that they will take care of your privacy equally seriously too. Even if this is your first time, it is really easy to book, you can give this a read on how to book here.

Of course, you can also meet them at local bars, which has since been reopened. While there are bars all across the country, the majority of them which are most popular with tourists are actually all located within the Clarke Quay area of Singapore. This is actually a good idea for you if you are a leisure tourist. However, if you are in town for business, chances are you do not have much time nor energy left to hang around at bars just to meet local girls. That is why social escorts are still the more popular choice for business expatriates.

Shop along the famous Orchard Road of Singapore
If you love shopping in the evenings, then Singapore is a great option for you. This is because unlike many other countries around the world, most of the shopping malls in Singapore’s shopping malls in Singapore only close around 10pm. This makes it very convenient for you to shop even if you are attending business meetings throughout the day during your time in Singapore. Additionally, Orchard Road is just one straight stretch of road which is easily accessible by car, taxi or public transport. Some of Singapore’s most popular shopping malls and retail outlets are all set along this street.

Enjoy late night food all across Singapore
If you are a late sleeper and like eating late at night, there is great news for you. All over the country, you will be able to find eateries such as cafes, food courts and more which are open till well past midnight. Some are even open for 24 hours! This is a pretty rare occurrence in most other countries. If you always have late night cravings but are restrained to only ramen cup noodles or having home-delivered pizza in your country, you will finally have the freedom of choice here when it comes to eating supper. On top of that, you can enjoy different types of cuisine too – local Chinese food, Western meals, Indian food or Muslim food too.

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