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Fun online games to play on your travels


Wondering what the best online games to play are to pass the time when you’re traveling? Well, be sure to check this out.

Traveling for an extended period might be tedious unless you have something entertaining to do. If you make good use of your time, it will fly by. Many tourists like playing various games while on the road. This will keep you amused while also socializing and playing with your pals. You may play a variety of interactive and multi-player games on your smartphone. Make your trip experience as enjoyable as possible; make sure you have your charger handy. We have scanned the globe looking for the best online games to play while traveling. We have tested everything from sports fun to dragon-themed games and come up with this great list.

Best Friends Stars
You don't have to worry about feeling lonely if you're traveling alone. Best Friends Stars is a fantastic game that you may play with your friends. As you go, you'll be solving puzzles and collecting various characters. Challenge your buddies to collect treasures before the enemies do.

Photo by Vojta Kovařík from Pexels

Hit start, and you'll be transported to an unknown area. Try to figure out where you are in the world. GeoGuessr is a basic premise, yet it’s a super fun game that will keep you clicking for hours. You'll have to use your travel detective abilities to figure out where you've been dropped, using any signs, landmarks, or cultural oddities you can find. You will gain extra points if your guess is close to the correct location.

Create a free account and select whether you want to go worldwide, through a country, or via a city. Members of the Pro level can compete online for a coveted spot on the scoreboard.

Sleeping Dogs
The main story of this critically praised computer game, which is recommended for ages 18 and above, follows an undercover cop as he attempts to infiltrate a prominent crime ring. However, a player may choose to roam freely throughout the game's universe. In addition to the plot's happenings, the city transforms into a live karaoke, mahjong, and street food playground. Sleeping Dogs has been acclaimed for capturing the essence of Hong Kong and will help you plan your trip.

Super Stickman Golf 3
Who doesn't enjoy a nice online golf ball slogger?! Super Stickman Golf 3 is a no-brainer of an escapist's route that you can pick up and put down at your leisure. It immerses the player in all things golf, from tee to green. That is unless you prefer your round to take place on lunar landscapes, rainforests, or a variety of other bizarre settings in this exciting 9-hole hand-held thrill trip.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Clash of Clans
This entertaining game allows you to create your own clan. It's a lot of fun to compete with other players. During the game, you will need to train your troops and construct several structures. While you have the option of playing alone, you can always have more fun with your buddies. Because it is simple to grasp, you can begin playing right away.

World of Tanks Blitz
Those who have played this game on PC know how much fun it was, and the good news is that it is now accessible on mobile. Everyone is outfitted with cutting-edge tanks to combat each other online. As you progress through the stages, it becomes more enjoyable and more complex, and you can take your tank to the next level. 

Flight Simulator
This Microsoft classic will pique your interest in aviation if you wake up to the sound of jet engines at takeoff thrust. Flight Simulator puts you in the pilot's seat of any plane you want, from gliders to the latest Airbuses, and takes you high over a simulated planet Earth. Unfortunately, the map is so enormous that seeing it all will take 14 years of continuous play.

You'll learn about the more sophisticated components of a pilot's profession as you improve your flying skills, such as communicating with air traffic control and performing pre-flight checks, as you improve your flying skills. You can compete with other virtual pilots or choose a departure and arrival point and gaze out the window at the entire world.

Main photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

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