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Going solo: Amsterdam named top solo travel destination of 2018


Google Trends data reveals a year on year increase in search queries for solo travel. Amsterdam, New York and Berlin named amongst the most popular countries for solo travellers to visit. Solo travellers are more likely to book their journey last minute and value traveller reviews greater than group travellers.

Amsterdam is the most popular solo travel destination, according to a new report commissioned by ebookers.com. After being named the number one travel trend in 20182, the online travel experts have analysed data from their 2017 bookings database to explore the increasing popularity of solo travelling. With a preference for beach holidays in Europe and other short haul destinations, the data also reveals solo traveller hotspots including Las Vegas, Budapest and New York.

The top ten countries for solo travellers to visit (based on ebookers.com booking data) were discovered to be:

  • Amsterdam
  • New York
  • Las Vegas
  • Rome
  • Dublin
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Venice
  • Budapest
  • Paris

Searches for ‘solo travel’ at an all-time high
Google searches for ‘solo travel’1 have steadily increased year-on-year with queries around this and ‘travel alone’ peaking in Jan this year and more people than ever before considering an adventure of a lifetime on their own.

Safety is the biggest concern
Travelling on their own and with their safety potentially at a heightened risk, it’s no surprise that this demographic of travellers value reviews more highly compared to group travellers - being more likely to choose hotels with a higher number of traveller recommendations and even using common search terms around locations that are ‘safe for solo traveller’3. 

Furthermore, solo travellers are more likely to book a package holiday than group travellers, yet pay 9% more. However, when solely booking hotels, solo travellers choose to pay for the cheaper option and tend to favour independent hotels over big chains.

Going solo in the spur of the moment
From their unique booking data, ebookers.com could delve deeper into this trend and the solo travel market, gaining further insight on what makes this demographic tick and even how they prepare for their trips.

The findings suggest solo travellers decide to embark on their journey of a lifetime in the spur of the moment. They are more likely to book long trips within only 2 weeks of departure compared to group travellers who do so within 2 months of departure.

As the top ten solo travelling list suggest, single travellers are more like to book overseas adventures (76%) compared to a staycation in the UK (24%).

Mark McKenna at ebooker.com explains, “The rise in solo travellers is incredible and one we expect to see continue. Being a solo traveller shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world, and going it alone opens you up to meeting new people and allowing you to do it entirely your way.”

“It’s not always easy to take longer periods of travel. So, when circumstances change or an opportunity arises, we’re making the most of it. And not having a travel partner isn’t going to stop that.”

With this in mind, ebookers.com have used their expertise to provide ten ways to be a smarter solo traveller.

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