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Google - The 2013 Traveler

How have the attitudes and behaviors of leisure and business travelers changed over the past year?
The Traveler’s Mindset
Travelers seek value and comparison shop with increasing frequency. Business travelers prioritize price, convenience and prior experience.

Inspiration: A Fresh Opportunity to Reach Travelers Online
Most consider the web to be important for travel research and planning, but the web is also a
fundamental source of inspiration for new travel. Search remains key for leisure and business
travelers as they seek a variety of content and information online.

Multi-screen World: Research Across Devices
Travel planning is no longer limited to a single screen. Travelers move sequentially across devices to complete tasks, often with search being the unifying activity.

Online Video: A Traveler's Constant Companion
Travelers are watching more videos online to help make decisions - where to go, what to do, how to book. Business and leisure travelers create and share online videos of their trips.

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