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Goolets is the leading agency for luxury crewed charter yachts in Croatia


Goolets is helping to create and promote new, emerging yachting trends, currently under development in Croatia.

With constant innovation and impeccable customer support, during the past 16 years, Goolets has created a unique formula to identify the principal needs of the modern, crewed yacht charter client. The last couple of years has seen most of their focus directed to the offering of luxury yachts in Croatia and in so doing became one of the leading brokers for this region.

Goolets is helping to create and promote new, emerging yachting trends, currently under development in Croatia.

Initially, as a charter agency Goolets established themselves as one of the foremost providers of luxury wooden motor sailors, known as GULETS (the origin of the »Goolets« name, signaling correct pronunciation) in destinations such as Croatia, Turkey, Italy and Greece. As the agency established its strongest presence in Croatia, with the development of this new type of yachting sector, the agency decided to specialize more deeply in this market. Since then, Goolets has built the most comprehensive offering of these vessels in the entire market.

Assigned broker for more than 100 luxury vessels in Croatia

Goolets is offering their clients a unique blend of options for crewed yachts in Croatia:

  • Up to 50 different types of luxury wooden yachts, ranging from 24 to 36 meters, with 4 to 5 cabins for guests. Example: Gulet Dolce Vita: 34 meter yacht with 5 cabins. She can accommodate up to 10 people.
  • 13 luxury sailing yachts, uniquely built in Croatia, ranging from 36 to 50 meters. Most of these have 6 cabins for guests. Example: Yacht Acapella: 49 meter yacht, can accommodate up to 12 people on her 5 cabins.
  • 3 mega yachts of circa 50 meters in length, accommodating 20 to 24 guests; the only yachts like this in the world. Example: Super yacht Freedom: 48 meter yacht with a vast range of amenities on board. She can accommodate up to 22 people in her 11 cabins. 
  • 15 »mini cruiser« yachts ranging from 40 to 50 meters are able to accommodate 30 to 40 guests. Again, expertly built in Croatia and is unique in the yacht charter market. These vessels made their successful transformation from the »cabin charter« market to a more luxurious private charter yacht for private groups. Example: Yacht Alfa Mario: 52 meter yacht with 18 cabins on board. Alfa Mario Can accommodate up to 36 guests.
  • More than 25 modern luxury yachts from famous yacht builders, from 20 to 40 meters providing 2 to 6 cabins, for a maximum capacity of 12 guests. Example: Yacht Princess Lona 34 meter luxury yacht. She can accommodate 10 people in her 5 cabins.
  • A large number of superyachts & mega yachts, for charter not only in Croatia but throughout the Mediterranean, ranging in size from 20 to 150 meters in length. Example: Super yacht Mustique: Mustique is 55 meter yacht that can accommodate up to 12 people in her 6 cabins.

During the past few years, Croatia has evolved into one of the most desired yachting destinations in the World. Many celebrities have realized this and it is now a common sight to run into Michael Jordan, Jay-Z, Beyonce or Bernie Ecclestone, cruising in one of their own yachts.

As the Yachting market in Italy and France is becoming over-crowded, more and more yacht owners and yacht charter agencies are looking toward Croatia.

Our main Emphasis is on one thing: THE CLIENT! We take care of everything – in a smart way

At Goolets, we take care of every detail. It all starts with finding the vessel and crew, providing the best match for a group's structure. Priorities include the group's size, age range, budget, the goal of the holiday or company gathering, the client's preferences for the itinerary, cuisine and any special occasions.

Our careful preparation of the crew (captain, chef, hostess, deckhands, stewards, masseurs etc…) to match the clients' expectations are also of paramount importance.

Complete privacy, freedom and safety as a modern way of taking a vacation. To demonstrate how all this works in practice, the yacht we are cruising on right now is, appropriately, called FREEDOM. At this moment, she has 19 cabins available for guests, however, for the 2022 season, this 50-meter beauty will be completely renovated.

She will have just 11 cabins available for groups of up to 23 people. This will enable the group to fully enjoy her huge space and all the extra activities being created for next year (massage room, sauna, gym, cinema room and a huge plethora of water sports equipment).

With her size, equipment, culinary expertise, crew capabilities and the combination of planning every detail of the trip in advance, Freedom will offer practically everything that you can find on the most luxurious mega yachts in the world, but at far more affordable prices.

Safety is guaranteed. Inquiries and bookings are already flying in for 2022 and for the 2023 season

Booking a holiday for a closed group of family and friends also makes this a very »Covid safe« type of holiday. Besides being able to avoid the masses, guests also get to experience perfect locations and as much privacy as required.

Most visitors at the moment are from the USA and South America. From Europe, most clients are from Western Europe, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, while more and more clients from the Middle East are discovering this unique type of charter yacht.

Owing to a truly remarkable ratio between the quality and price and the limited number of these vessels, the 2022 season looks like being fully booked very quickly, while the reservations for 2023 are already rising.

Husband and Wife (Mitja and Alenka Mirtič) are an integral part of this new Yachting era, already in full swing in Croatia

Goolets was created from zero (really nothing more than a good idea) more than 16 years ago when Mitja and Alenka decided to create a family business together.

They went from chartering standard, low budget vessels with a crew, to organizing holidays on the most luxury yachts with the same mindset that always worked: What does the client want and how can we make it happen?

As described with their own words: We are still talking and thinking daily, about what else we could do to make clients' lives aboard our yachts more inspiring and something they will never forget. We are very proud to be a part of this huge market shift going on right now in Croatia and in the knowledge that we are the only agency in the world with such a diverse range of crewed yachts to offer in this market.

Gathering such a range of high-quality vessels in one place and presenting it to the world market is the consequence of the trust we have established with the owners of these yachts. Our innovation in customer care and services, where each group represents a completely unique experience from the client's first inquiry until they leave their yacht to head back home.

Building their business has become Alenka and Mitja life's work. From 2005, when they won an award (second place) for the best business idea, all the way to 2021 when they won first place for the best tourism sector website in Slovenia, they live for the further development of this unique chartering experience in one's own private yacht for holidays, while still in love with yachts, the Dalmatian coast and luxury yachting experiences.

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