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Grab your passport: Spring Break is almost here


Skyscanner data unearths travelers' savings, top destinations and booking trends for the first major holiday season of the year.

MIAMI - Skyscanner wants to give travelers some good news looking for a respite from this brutal winter. Whether the season has subjected you to record snowfall or the flu epidemic, it's time to start planning your spring break getaway. Skyscanner has gathered data from its more than 60 million monthly users to identify the top insights as well as the best deals and destinations that are proving this spring break will be anything but a staycation.
Spring break has historically been a time for more conventional destinations, but 2018 is shaping up to be a bit of a game changer: - While the top five tried and true destinations continue to lead top searches by travelers (i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and London), there are several exciting international destinations topping the list, including Tokyo, Paris, and Bangkok.
  • Travelers are encouraged to explore more international and long-haul domestic destinations that offer incredible projected savings, such as:
- Bangkok - 11 weeks in advance (54% savings)
- Paris - 7 weeks in advance (47% savings)
- Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - 12 weeks in advance (45% savings)
- Nassau - 11 weeks in advance (34% savings)
- Puerto Vallarta - 10 weeks in advance (34% savings)
- Amsterdam - 7 weeks in advance (34% savings)
- San Juan - 10 weeks in advance (20% savings)
- Cancun - 10 weeks in advance (20% savings)
- San Francisco - 7 weeks in advance (20% savings)
- Honolulu - 9 weeks in advance (15% savings)
Travelers are clearly eager to go the distance this spring break, and Skyscanner looked into what the booking trends are looking like to-date:
  • Given the spike in international and long-haul travel, Skyscanner has found an increase in the number of travelers booking a longer length of stay
- 9% have booked 7-day trips
- 7% have booked 8-day trips
- 6% have booked 9-day trips
  • Skyscanner is also seeing more travelers choosing to travel on less traditional days of the week to score better savings
- 16% are traveling on Monday and Tuesday
- 15% are traveling on Wednesday   
*Data Methodology: Destinations were chosen based on historical flight redirects data (March – April 2017). Skyscanner best-time-to-book data was collected from the same period, using average seat price data of flights from the US to the Destination City. 
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