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Green List Flight prices surge for 17th May, but have dropped for early June


Monese looked at flight and hotels prices on Skyscanner before and after the announcement to see how prices had changed. Flying to Gibraltar is now 47% more expensive on 17th than 16th May. Flying to Portugal is now 40% more expensive on 17th than 16th May. Green list flight prices for June have dropped by up to 66%.

Following the government’s long-awaited announcement about the green travel list, analysis of Skyscanner data by mobile money app, Monese reveals that some airlines have already started amending flight prices ahead of a forecasted surge in bookings.

Flying to Gibraltar which is located on Spain’s south coast will cost London Heathrow travellers at least 47% more on Monday 17th May than on Sunday 16th (£162 per adult versus £85) while flying to Lisbon in Portugal will cost 40% more (£175 per adult versus £105).

Small prices surges have also already been seen for green list destinations Darwin in Australia (up 6.9% from £1,282 to £1,371), Iceland (up 2.9% from £201 to £207) and Christchurch in New Zealand (up 1.9% from £672 to £685).

However, it’s not all bad news as so far flights to Tel Aviv in Israel and Auckland in New Zealand are currently cheaper on 17th than the 16th.

For those prepared to wait a little longer there is further cause for celebration, as currently flights taking off from London Heathrow to many of the green travel list destinations on 5th June are costing less to buy now than they were earlier in the week.

Monese looked at the ‘from’ flight prices on Wednesday for one adult travelling to each location on 5th-12th June 2021 from London Heathrow. They then re-ran the same search again after the announcement today to see if and how costs had changed.

Presently, prices a return flight to Faro, Portugal in early June have dropped by 66% (£79 down from £232). It is also now 54% cheaper to fly to Madeira than it was earlier in the week (£87 down from £190) and 10% cheaper to fly to Lisbon (£78 down from £87).

Sarah Holt, Head of Partnerships at Monese added: “Many people will be eager to get aboard and while it may be tempting to head on holiday as soon as you can, our data shows that waiting just a couple of weeks for the surge to die down could save you a lot of money.

“It’s also important that when you are away you are keeping track of your money and using a service that will offer you the best exchange rate.

“No matter where you are in the world, Monese customers can rest easy knowing that their travel money is safe and there when their need it. With a Monese card, your money is fully accessible at all times and you can withdraw money at any ATM at the wholesale currency exchange rate.”

Monese’s smart tips to save you money when you travel

When booking...

  • Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said that people should not be booking a holiday unless it comes with a refund which applies to a change due to the pandemic.
  • If you have a flexible itinerary, departing on a Tuesday or Wednesday is often the cheapest in the week.
  • Red-eye flights usually cost much less, so look for flights departing late at night or early in the morning.
  • Adding a layover can drastically reduce the price of your ticket compared to flying direct, so it’s something to consider if you aren’t in a hurry – but take note of any Covid-related restrictions in the country you’re connecting through.
  • Join hotel loyalty programs - this can save you money in the long run by getting you free hotel stays and extra perks reserved strictly for members.
  • Avoid super low, cheap prices with stiff cancellation policies - with the ever-changing travel restrictions, it is better to opt for a flexible cancellation policy even if it means paying a little bit more.
  • Booking a hire car as part of an airplane and hotel package can save you money, so explore and test out different options before proceeding with a reservation.
  • Do read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions and cancellation policies before booking
  • Make sure you’re reserving from the official website of the hotel, airline, train, or rental car agency to avoid any scams.
  • If you’re a Monese user… You can dial up the security when booking flights and accommodation online with 3D Secure and link your Monese card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for encryption and protection.

Before you travel...

  • Plan your travel budget before you go, so you don’t accidentally overspend.
  • If you’re a Monese user... Set up instant notifications so you know exactly what you’ve spent while on holiday, and how much you have left.

When on holiday…

  • Do pay in the local currency if you can.
  • Avoid carrying lots of cash as this can be very risky.
  • If you’re a Monese user... use your Monese card for better exchange rates and worldwide ATM withdrawals with fee-free allowances, and keep your money and account secure while on vacation by locking and unlocking your card straight from your app.

When you get back…

  • Check your transactions upon your return to make sure there aren’t any double charges, missing refund credits or spending that you didn’t authorise.
  • If you’re a Monese user... start planning your next trip with pots as they’re a designated place to hold your new travel fund and keeps this money separate from day-to-day spending.
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