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Here are eight ways travel will change after the pandemic


Most travel bloggers, podcasters, navigationalists, and travel writers believe that the post-pandemic world will change traveling for the good. Here are the top 8 ways travel will change after the pandemic.

Did the title of this article make you drop a tear because you are nostalgic? Well, coronavirus has killed all our travel plans in the past few months. Be it in America or anywhere else in the world, the pandemic continues to hit countries badly. The passports are sitting in their own isolation on your side tables, and we know that you can’t wait to pack your bags for the next trip. To date, only nine countries are allowing Americans to travel without any restrictions. 

And how good are these leverages if major countries like Serbia, Belarus, and Zambia are not on the list? We know that you’re irking to pick up your passports and get onboard on the next flight. But that’s not possible right now! We still don’t know how long before you’re able to sit in your 2021 Ford Expedition for a long drive. 

So, what do you think about the future of the travel industry? Even with such dire conditions, many authors talk about the re-iteration of it. Popular author Bruce Poon Tip, who wrote Unlearn: The Year The Earth Stood Still and also started the travel firm called “G Adventures” said, as per an article published on The National Geographic, “I still believe travel can be the biggest distributor of wealth the world has ever seen. This pause gives us the gift of time to consider how we can travel more consciously.” Well, that’s certainly a positive thought! 

The famous author of Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, Elizabeth Becker, observes that the pandemic has “decimated” the $8 trillion travel industry internationally in a blink of an eye. She further says, “Those essential pillars of 21st-century global travel-open borders, open destinations, and visa-free travel-won’t return in the short term or even medium term.” 

While some globetrotters think positively about the future of travel, some are brooding over the past. But one thing is common amongst both. Most travel bloggers, podcasters, navigationalists, and travel writers believe that the post-pandemic world will change traveling for the good. Here are the top 8 ways travel will change after the pandemic:

It will be mandatory to have travel advisors
Nowadays, you might not find it mandatory to book a travel advisor before planning a trip, that will not be the case after this pandemic. The invaluable knowledge that the travel advisors uphold will come to greater use in travel. 

The sustainability editor, Juliet Kinsman, “I think what 2020 has shown and taught us is the expertise and financial protection of booking through a travel agent often outweighs the amount you pay in commission.” 

In fact, it would be great if you look for travel advisors who are experts in the environment. 

Look for quality over quantity
Some globetrotters like Erick Prince of The Minority Nomad believe, “COVID-19 has allowed me to rethink how and why I travel. It’s given me the freedom to explore travel projects for passion instead of the paycheck.” 

There’ll be travel bloggers who’ll be kicking it off with towns in their own country rather than hitting the flight right after getting off another. 

Sustainability will be the best policy
The pandemic has destroyed our travel plans but there’s a silver lining to it. There’s a lot of emphasis on sustainability now. Travelers are now concerned about what and how they travel, and now they ask for travel policies. The travel industry responds positively towards this increasing need for sustainability. Active measures will be implemented in the travel sector. 

And how would that be done? The carbon footprint can be reduced if you choose to stay at green, eco-friendly hotels. Or you can also go for hotels like Book Different that rate the accommodations for eco-friendliness. 

A bigger role will be assigned to smaller communities
Travelers can choose to go to smaller towns to help the smaller communities sustain themselves in times when they are struggling financially. Traveling to small-town areas will help these communities gain some finance with the help of the traveling business. It can also be done by supporting these small towns by patronizing local businesses and donating to some non-profit organizations. 

What can be done about this? Well, according to Kate Newman, “We need to diversify our locations to avoid mass tourism and focus on the places that really need it. Seeing so many communities suffer during COVID-19 has brought this issue to light.” Travelers can shift to advocating non-profitable companies and moving to sustainable tourism educational organizations. The tourists should also learn how to take care of the environment and empower locals. 

Inclusive journeys are the way to go
The representation of all classes in travel is absolutely mandatory. The industry is now moving fast towards a good change but one doesn’t know that for how long it will stay. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, the TV host and award-winning journalist, says, “When the pandemic is past and the hashtags are no longer trending, will industry gatekeepers still be eager to attract, cater to, and celebrate travelers of color? I’m cautiously optimistic but not completely convinced.” This is something she has written in an email, according to The National Geography. 

The industry is certainly shifting towards a hopeful future because it is moving in the direction. 

What better can be done? Travelers can visit the living history museums in the U.S.; there are more than 200 such museums awaiting your presence. Painful issues of American history displaying black history come to light when you visit such museums. 

Road trips will be a better option
Road trips could be a great option after this pandemic comes to an end. And for many travelers out there, road trips will remain the most feasible option. 

What can be done is that you can plan long drives to places like Colorado which houses a lot of stargazing sites. 

Planning trips is going to be fun
These days are nostalgic because you miss planning trips even more than reaching out to a destination. It’s a difficult time for all of us, and we can’t get back to planning those trips again. In fact, research suggests that planning trips are great for your mental health too. And this is going to continue even after the pandemic ends. One of the surveys conducted in 2013 says that 483 U.S. adults found out that travel improves energy, empathy, focus, and attention. 

What can be done? You can start planning the trip right now to wave off some of your nostalgia. 

Staying closer to home would be your first choice
International travel will become your second choice. Traveling closer to home will become your first choice. Virtual experiences, online cultural classes, and games are going to help you to keep up the travel spirit alive. You can exchange some postcards with your extended family abroad and feel the whiff of travel. 

A blogger, Chris Mitchell, said, “When we compare everything to being locked up indefinitely in our respective towers, a walk to the park can feel like travel. Now people are willing to see the magic in a meal on a patio at a restaurant down the street."

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