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Here are four of the latest honeymoon trends


Keep reading to find out what are the latest trends when it comes to celebrating some of the happiest moments in couples’ lives.

Honeymoon trends have changed during the past few years a lot. The situation with pandemic made many couples postpone their weddings, as well as their honeymoons. After traveling bans have been removed, people from all over the world started organizing their vacations and travels. 

Honeymoons are no different, everyone wants to make it up for the missed romantic getaway opportunities. There certainly are some new ways of spending these freshly married days with significant others. Keep reading to find out what are the latest trends when it comes to celebrating some of the happiest moments in couples’ lives.

Luxurious honeymoons
As the pandemic kept us from traveling for a couple of years, a lot of couples saved money to splurge out on luxurious and glamorous vacations when it is possible to travel again. So the first noticeable trend in honeymoons lately is definitely vacation on a higher cost level.

Dreamy, fairytale-like islands, clear sea, and blue sky while sipping cocktails on the beach are in fashion like never before. Visiting exotic destinations and experiencing life there can be soothing but also very dynamic and fun.

Five-star hotels with spa centers, pools, and glamorous bedrooms are quite often booked by freshly married couples. Nothing says ‘congratulations’ like relaxing together in the hot tub and having breakfast in bed brought by room service. 

Active honeymoons
Maybe the opposite idea of chilling in a five-star resort is having an active vacation with your significant other. This is another trend that is all the rage now. Of course, that depends on the personalities of the couple. 

We have no doubts that couples that lead similar active lifestyles before getting hitched, would agree on this type of honeymoon in a blink of an eye. Some people’s ideal vacations include hiking, surfing, skiing on some of the best routes in British Columbia, or other types of activities. 

A nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate in front of a fireplace after a whole day of fun in the snow does sound cozy and romantic, we have to admit it.

Image by Julita from Pixabay

Short getaways
A lot of couples now also go for shorter versions of honeymoons. Whether it’s the shortage of time or money, shorter vacations have been some of the top trends recently. Extended weekend getaways with thoroughly organized and planned activities are a top choice for many couples out there.

The scenarios can vary from spa getaways to eco-tourism in villages all over the world, or city breaks with a lot of touristy activities. When it comes to this type of honeymoon, the ideas and variations are almost unlimited. 

A pro tip: if you are short on time, do not worry about the organization that much - you can always get a personalized European honeymoon plan to save some time for the trip itself.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Offline honeymoon
If you and your significant other are both tired from your computers, smartphones, and the internet, some of the most popular options for relaxing honeymoons are going someplace where you can unplug and unwind.

There are magnificent places with scenery that will leave you in awe, plus you get to experience them fully by plugging off all your devices. Visiting a village and experiencing life in a wooden cottage or a mountain weekend house can be great for the body and soul.

Photo by Chris F from Pexels

Take a romantic walk with your partner, have a picnic in the woods, or spend time with local villagers to recharge and reboot from your daily virtual reality. Although some people think they could not manage without their gadgets and socials, the experts say it is essential for our mental health to go offline from time to time if possible. 

After all, you are on vacation, work-related stuff and checking emails should wait. However you choose to spend your honeymoon, we wish you safe travel and lots and lots of fun!

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