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Hitit signed with 13 new airline partnership agreements from ten different countries last year


An inspiring achievement with 13 new airline partners during the global pandemic.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY –  After a tough year full of pandemic restrictions, the aviation industry experienced the disruption of the coronavirus due of the precautions taken by governments and regulatory organizations around the world. From the start of the pandemic Hitit has been working hard to bring travel sector players together with an attitude of solidarity.

Hitit announce that during this last year they signed 13 new airline partnership agreements from ten different countries, spanning from the Americas and Caribbean to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and far east Asia. The migration process of all these airlines was completed remotely during a record-breaking average of just five-months. These achievements demonstrate that productive collaborations and successful projects can be achieved through absolute harmony between the airline and its IT provider, under the most unprecedented times in aviation history.

Hitit welcomed 13 new airline partners during this pandemic, varying from start-ups to LCC, legacy, and flag-carriers. Ten of these airlines have started using the full Crane suite, which places Hitit as a one-stop-shop provider, and six of them have selected Hitit’s Cargo Solution, which was commercialized at the end of 2019.

Hitit’s partner airlines have found opportunities to empower their IT infrastructure from one provider, offering them distribution freedom and cost-efficiency. Hitit also signed agreements consisting of only the Crane Operational Planning solution suite, which completely integrates all the other systems. Hitit’s crew management, schedule planning, and operations control systems are the perfect example that demonstrates the interoperability of Hitit’s solutions. This significant success has brought opportunities to enter new regions. Currently Hitit serves more than 40 airline companies and travel partners across Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

Nevra Onursal Karaagac, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Hitit, said: “We warmly welcome our 13 airlines to the Hitit community. We have begun to work in many different regions, and this has demonstrated why Hitit is a distinguished one-stop-shop provider with record-breaking implementation agility. In addition, Hitit’s cargo solution’s success has not surprised us during the pandemic, as the urgent need for speed in the transportation world has elevated air freight to superstar status in the industry. The launch of our cargo solutions happened just before the Covid-19 outbreak and this created a win-win situation for us and airlines, allowing them to access our air cargo solutions powered by the latest technology in the marketplace.”

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