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Hospitality Qatar makes way for sixth edition as nation prepares to meet rising demand in tourism and hospitality


Tourism and hospitality sector positioned to equip relevant industries to accommodate visitor influx. 105 new hotels opening in Qatar for World Cup 2022 and beyond.

DOHA – As FIFA World Cup 2022, one of the most-awaited global sporting tournament, comes closer with less than 500 days left before its kick-off in Qatar, the nation’s hospitality and tourism sectors are robustly preparing for upward demand for hospitality and tourism products and services, along with major investment projects that include the construction of 105 new hotels.

In support to this major initiative, IFP Qatar has launched the sixth edition of Hospitality Qatar, which will be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center from November 9 to 11, 2021. The leading international hotel, restaurants, and café (HORECA) trade show and conference in Qatar, is well-positioned to equip these various industries and help accelerate the readiness of the nation to welcome guests from around the world.

Industry experts reported that the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors are witnessing exceptional increase in investments and projects to meet the demand of the major sporting event. The country has still 46 hotels under construction which could provide approximately 13,000 rooms, and 22 of these hotels are to be completed by the end of this year, while 17 more will be delivered by 2022.

Haidar Mshaimesh, General Manager, IFP Qatar, commented: “The major transformation taking place in the tourism and hospitality sector in Qatar is generating tremendous growth opportunities for various types of products and services that can cover the need of the hospitality sector such as hotels and facilities, interior design and decoration, leisure and entertainment, travel and tourism, resorts and sightseeing spots, natural exterior, hotel technologies and equipment, restaurants and cafes, eco-friendly hotel systems and solutions, food and beverage, among others.”

During this sixth edition, we look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors from local, regional, and international hospitality markets to enable them to explore the promising prospects and commercial opportunities available within Qatar’s hospitality sector and to take part in the development of the sector in the country while also creating new businesses,” Mshaimesh added.

The hospitality sector in Qatar is seen to expand growth opportunities beyond the World Cup with the government infusing huge investments to further develop the tourism sector, considering it as one of the key economic drivers of the country. It is also poised to become the third largest contributor to the GDP after the oil and gas and construction sectors.

Industry projections note that the rise of projects will continue after the World Cup with plans underway for the building of 20 more hotels in 2023, and another six in 2024. These include several new resorts and advanced recreational facilities in addition to the continued expansion of restaurants and cafes in terms of size and quality of projects.

Mshaimesh further noted that Hospitality Qatar this year will deliver an even more diverse range of activities which include the organizing of a conference and internationally accredited training sessions. Visitors and exhibitors are set to experience a new look of the exhibition as they explore the major developments taking place within the hospitality, hotels, restaurants, and café sectors, enabling them to form new solid strategic partnerships and direct interaction with partners, he commented.

The event looks to follow the success of the Hospitality Qatar’s 2019 edition which witnessed the participation of 228 companies and seven international pavilions from 33 different countries. It also recorded more than 11,500 visitors.

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