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Host Agency Reviews has launched HAR 2.0


Host Agency Reviews announced the launch of their new website, HAR 2.0. The website overhaul offers a dynamic user experience, responding to industry growth and to the increasingly sophisticated needs of prospective advisors, travel agencies, host agencies, franchises and consortia alike. The new site offers greater functionality including:

  • Sophisticated filtering function
  • User profiles, including bookmarking favorite travel companies
  • Direct communication between travel companies via email, call scheduling, and Q&A
  • Enhanced company profile information
  • Consortia profiles

The new site is an indication that Host Agency Reviews–a site with over 60,000 visits/mo–will keep astride industry needs as they evolve. Launch efforts include a HAR “Street Team” to help test the site during the month of November. Host Agency Reviews is also encouraging spirited engagement with the site via a weekly contest, with winners drawn every Friday in November. Users who join the contest will have an opportunity to win prizes, including a consultation with Stephanie Lee.

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