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Hotel La Corte del Sole endorses eRevMax for online distribution technology


Hotel experiences consistent growth with RateTiger Channel Manager and Rate Shopper.

ROME – An antique masseria from the 19th century, Hotel La Corte del Sole has strongly recommended RateTiger as its technology partner of choice for hotel rate shopping, channel management and online distribution. The 4-star luxury property has been a long-standing customer of eRevMax and has seen RateTiger evolve over the years and continue to provide a positive experience for its users.

The hotel, located in a 20-hectare Sicilian property is a popular destination for leisure travelers, especially couples, nature lovers and food and wine lovers, and has been satisfactorily managing its room rates and availability online via RateTiger over the past 8 years. The old-world charm of the property and RateTiger’s cutting-edge technology work seamlessly to create online visibility through efficient distribution and rate management. It helps the hotel monitor channel performance and improve key metrics like rate, booking production and compliance effectively.

With summer travel gaining pace in Europe, hotels are starting to work more closely with their distribution partners to improve occupancy. With the shortening of the booking window and increase in domestic short-haul stays, hotels are spreading their inventory across multiple distribution touch-points and creating attractive packages and RateTiger provides the platform to make this easy.

“We have been working with RateTiger for several years and continue to have a positive experience. We are truly happy and satisfied with it. The products are user-friendly and RateTiger channel manager is extremely easy to use. The technical support is outstanding, and we have a dedicated account manager who is very kind and helpful whenever we need any assistance. The team always try to resolve problems efficiently and as quickly as possible. We are very happy to recommend RateTiger to other hoteliers for seamless online distribution and rate intelligence,” commented Carlo Pintaldi, Hotel Manager at Hotel La Corte del Sole.

“Italy is one of our key markets in Europe and we are happy to win this recommendation from Hotel La Corte del Sole. It is a testimony to our commitment to making online distribution simple for hotels through solutions that are easy to use. We have invested in building a stable and secure distribution network. Our solutions simplify operations, improve efficiencies and give hoteliers time to focus on strategy,” stated Ram Mohan Dubey, Global Sales Director, eRevMax.

RateTiger continues to add new product features and demand partners to its current Channel Ecosystem of over 450 sales channels and enable its partner hotels to manage OTAs and other distribution channels in real-time. RateTiger’s on-demand rate shopping reports empowers hotels to monitor competitor price movement across channels to make informed rate decisions.

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