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Hotel Vannucci appoints Weill for PR


The 117-year-old Hotel Vannucci in Umbria's hilltop Citta della Pieve reopened in January 2020 after a two-year renovation, only to be closed again because of Covid-19. "But in June, it was open once more and is planning Christmas festivities," says Geoffrey Weill, "a treasure-filled gem adjacent to the walls of the medieval red-brick Umbrian city of Citta della Pieve." The Hotel Vannucci dates back to 1903, a mansion created by one Vittoria Spinola, daughter born of the liaison between Italy's King Vittorio Emanuele II and Rosa Vercellana, known as the "Bella Rosina." In 2018, the building was bought by Roberto Wirth, fourth-generation owner of the Hassler in Rome, gutted and transformed into a 30-room 21st-century boutique hotel - combining modernity with priceless art and antiques.

The hotel's elegant Zafferano restaurant reflects Citta della Pieve's most precious commodity, saffron, which grows in its environs (Zafferano is Italian for saffron). The guest rooms are elegant, plush and attached to state-of-the-art bathrooms. The hotel's lounges, bar, writing room and restaurant reflect the exquisite taste of Astrid Wirth, blending plush modern amenities with historic furniture and paintings.

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