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Hotelogix enters United Arab Emirates as its 100th country

Upon onboarding Espace Holiday Homes in Dubai, Cloud-based property management solution Hotelogix is officially utilised in 100 countries worldwide.

Cloud-based property management system and distribution platform Hotelogix is now being used in 100 countries globally, with the signing of Espace Holiday Homes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hotelogix is the only global Cloud PMS to have customers in 100+ countries.

The well-appointed property Espace Holiday Homes is located in the heart of Dubai and offers guests a variety of facilities and services. Director of the property Moez Madhavji was previously not using any property management software. He opted for Hotelogix as he found it difficult to manually manage bookings, due to the high volume of reservations. “The Hotelogix PMS has been instrumental in allowing me to keep all reservations extremely organized, and overall management has now been simplified,” he explains.  

This represents a significant milestone for Hotelogix, which has a vision to simplify property management for independent hotels, in order to match the dynamism and versatility of larger hospitality businesses.

“We are thrilled to enter United Arab Emirates as our 100th country and it is a good milestone to achieve in line with our vision to ‘Hotelogix’ the world,” comments Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder of Hotelogix.

Hotelogix is solving a worldwide problem for the small and mid-sized hospitality industry, by enabling real-time inventory to be shared across online marketplaces. Faros Inn, located on the Ionian Islands in Greece, was the first customer that Hotelogix signed. Since then, Hotelogix has expanded into diverse geographies, as the ever-evolving product has adapted to fit country-specific needs, in terms of currency support, taxation, terminologies, and language capabilities. The Hotelogix sales and support staff has also evolved to fit growing customer needs.  

“Each and every small and mid-sized hospitality business will move to a Cloud PMS within the next five years in order to operate competitively in the global market. Hotelogix is committed to enabling this transition and making it as smooth as possible,” adds Bhatnagar.

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