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Hotelogix helps CasaSandra Hotel boost revenue and maximize profits


The boutique hotel in Mexico improves its rate management strategy to get more revenue per room, with Hotelogix.

CasaSandra Hotel, a popular boutique hotel located in Holbox Island Mexico, has chosen Hotelogix to efficiently manage and improve profitability of their hotel business.

They chose Hotelogix to optimize rates and sell rooms at the best price. Hotelogix is a pioneer in empowering hotels with the latest in hospitality technology. The powerful automation capabilities, 100+ built-in reports and rate management features helped CasaSandra improve efficiency and maximize revenue.

The management team at CasaSandra Hotel were previously using a Property Management System that wasn’t allowing them to simplify rate management and automate hotel operations. Because of this, managing rates, operations, etc. required a lot of manual intervention that became a time-consuming process and didn’t align with CasaSandra’s growth strategy.

“As we grew as a hospitality brand, we wanted to make sure that we have all processes streamlined in every possible way – be it operational, automation or guest services. Before adopting Hotelogix, we were using a locally developed software, where everything was updated manually – be it bookings dashboard, inventory, rates, and so on" marks Federico Sancho Mesny, Managing Director, CasaSandra Hotel. “After choosing Hotelogix as our preferred (hospitality) technology partner, we are now avoiding unnecessary headaches of price disparity and overbookings,” says Federico.

The team at CasaSandra Hotel chose Hotelogix also because of its yield management features that gives them the ability to strategically change room pricing based on factors such as date range, occupancy and competitor rates.

“In today’s ever-competitive travel market, rate management is becoming increasingly important. Smaller hotels today need to adopt tools that could enable effective revenue management without being complex so that decision making is simplified,” says Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-Founder, Hotelogix. “We are happy to see CasaSandra Hotel get onboarded with our cloud-based hotel management solution to combat competition online and deliver enhanced guest experience,” he concludes.

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