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How and when did bingo change its image


Today, bingo is one of the fastest-growing verticals for iGaming providers.

For many years, bingo was seen as something played by grandmothers and great aunts. They would gather in their finest, head to the nearest church hall or community center, and sit, sipping tea while checking off their bingo cards.

But as it remained popular amongst older folk, interest from those under 60 waned. It kept its reputation of only being enjoyed by women of a certain age, whereas other demographics showed little interest. Then in the early 2000s, this began to change.

Bingo started to become popular again as a new breed of bingo hall emerged. Fashionable, with loud music and DJs, serving food and drink, and even featuring dance floors, these new bingo halls catered to a different generation becoming a leading night-out choice for many.

Then, the internet revolution took place. Online gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people have smartphones and access to high-speed internet. As a result, bingo games you can play for real money sprung up on a ton of gambling sites, offering a range of video bingo games, bingo with themes like Diamond Room and Age of the Gods Bingo, and much more. These sites, such as Paddy Power Bingo, provided a much-needed boost to the game in terms of reputation by pairing it with their recognized brand and giving it a technological overhaul.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Bingo's evolution
The popular pastime is enjoying a period of success, which is largely because online bingo developers now have the freedom to experiment with graphics, themes, streaming, music, and other in-game features. This has further enhanced the gaming experience beyond the village hall and meant games could be tailored toward people with different needs, preferences, and expectations.

For example, it is possible to play various branded bingo games featuring pop culture, tv and film, and even celebrities. The prizes that are available online are also a big draw. For example, online games attract more players than in-person events, so the jackpots and other prizes can be much more significant. There are also incentives available in many cases offered by the provider.

Last but not least, the convenience of online bingo has also been a big reason for the surge in its popularity. Working in the travel industry, you will know that you spend a lot of time on the road, in airports, or chilling out in hotel rooms. This limits people’s opportunity to socialize and enjoy games like bingo or similar unless, of course, you do it online. The convenience and flexibility of online bingo games mean it has become much more accessible to those who may have struggled to find the time or opportunity to do it before.

Today, bingo is one of the fastest-growing verticals for iGaming providers. It may not take over from poker or slots, but it has earned an army of fans of all ages all around the world. This is likely to continue over the coming years as more and more technological developments fuel new verticals within the gambling sector. Cool new innovations like AR, VR, AI, blockchain and crypto technology are set to disrupt gambling even more. 

Main photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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