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How many Chinese students are in the US?


Most young people go abroad to obtain a diploma and improve their social status. China is the number one country sending its citizens to study in the United States.

Education in China is one of the essential policy priorities of China government and is one of the most significant expenses for the residents after traveling and luxury goods. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of Chinese students in US has increased many times.

Most young people go abroad to obtain a diploma and improve their social status. China is the number one country sending its citizens to study in the United States. Three main categories of Chinese students and their parents are distinguished:

• Seeking the best education and wishing to enter the most prestigious universities. Typically, these students have very successful parents who have high expectations for their children. Such children always strive to be the first, and their parents encourage them in this.
• Parents that believe that their children are not able to get enough points to enter the most prestigious universities in China. As a rule, these are children of very successful Chinese businessmen who believe that education abroad can give an excellent start to their children in their future careers.
• Parents that want their children to obtain a broader worldview and speak English. Usually, the parents of such children would like to run their business internationally.

Despite trade disagreements between China and the USA, the number of students from China increases. For nine consecutive years, China has maintained a leading position in the number of international students in US traveling for studying. The proportion of Chinese among international students in America is 32.5%.

Currently, Chinese students study mathematics, engineering, and computer science in the United States, but the most sought-after areas are management and business courses. The cost of training reaches several dozens of dollars, so most students pay for education on their own, and in some cases, use public funding.

Nowadays, it’s not a secret for anyone that such a request on the Internet as “Who can help me write my paper?” will allow you to find hundreds of academic writers on the web. Zinch China submitted a report that in 2010, only 10% of letters of recommendation from Chinese applicants were genuine, and accordingly, 90% were fake. This data confirms the great desire of Chinese students to get an American education, even through illegal methods.

What is the situation in China itself?
Although a considerable number of Chinese students want to study abroad, China itself has the largest state educational system in the world. Though, it is difficult to state for sure how many Chinese students in US visit this country to get a better education. Over the past 10 years, the number of educational institutions in China has significantly increased since the Chinese government is working hard on the modernization of the system of national higher education. And apparently, China does not plan to stop there.

The Chinese government is making efforts to make overseas education more accessible to talented Chinese. Following China’s plans of reforms in the education system for 2010-2020, the Chinese Scholarship Council annually gives young Chinese several thousand scholarships to study abroad. Also, many universities and companies provide scholarships to employees to study abroad, including in the United States.

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