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How to bed bug proof your luggage at a hotel


While spending a night or some in a hotel, there is a need to be extra cautious not to pick some bed bugs. Your luggage, therefore, needs proper shielding, such as by having covers for the suitcases. Another option is using bed bug repellant sprays.

Being on vacation and probably spending quality time with family and friends is always a beautiful experience. Unfortunately, sometimes you may get back home with an additional company. Yes, bed bugs can find their way into your luggage while at the hotel. These pests can be killjoys, especially when they live long enough to lay eggs and develop into an infestation.

You can avoid being troubled by bed bugs when you find a way to block them from gaining entry into your suitcases. Hotels usually are hotspots for these pests due to the high traffic of people from everywhere. Despite the facilities observing high cleanliness levels, there are still possibilities of new infestations as people keep coming more. Which are some of the reliable ways to secure the luggage from these pests?

Buy luggage covers
These days, some covers are meant explicitly for suitcases and, most importantly, for keeping bed bugs at bay. What you need is to always make the bags, and other luggage is on the cover throughout. Being reluctant to do this even for a minute could pave the way for the pests. The majority of the bed bug protectors go inside the bags.

They, unfortunately, don’t do comprehensive coverage of the luggage. This is why the external bags are the best. They seal even the handles and zip areas which give room for bed bugs. A typical plastic bag can do the job perfectly well. Being transparent, you will have the ability to have a clear view of things. Bed bugs can hardly burrow through these bags; hence you can be sure of a total block. However, be much focused on the wrinkles on the bag surface, some could hide there.

Use spray repellant
It is natural for bed bugs to avoid substances that they find toxic to them. With their sense of smell, they can tell where to go and where not to. This is why using repellants is a brilliant idea if you want these insects not to be part of your luggage. In a domestic setting, these bed bug repellants may not be a great idea as they usually may make them stay at specific points and start to multiply.

However, when traveling, you need to consider the repellants as they protect your luggage accordingly. It is a beautiful idea to refrain from DIY sprays such as peppermint as they kill on contact. This means they cannot help in keeping off the insects afterward. The synthetic sprays in the market are the best since they have active components which can surface for days or weeks. It means that they will repel any potential invaders at the hotel.

Find knowledge online
These days, some websites are resourceful when it comes to information. Some of these belong to experts or people with passion in specific fields. Therefore, there are worthy sites that you can surf through and get relevant content concerning bed bugs. This means that such websites make you know how to safeguard your luggage from the bed bugs in your room at a hotel. The focus on the different routes the pests use makes you understand how better to lay protective measures.

You may end up learning more about the behavior of the bed bugs. For instance, you know about the characteristics of male and female bugs and how they tend to spread. Such knowledge acts as an eye-opener of how significant it is to prevent them from entering your home through the luggage.

Do some inspection when you reach home
It is likely to be exhausted after a vacation somewhere. The recreational activities and long journey could make you only wish for a hot coffee, shower, then sleep. However, this may not be an excellent idea for anyone wishing to curb the spread of bedbugs from the hotel. It’s a pretty good thing to keep your luggage at a specific point, such as the balcony, and scrutinize each item.

You could do this with someone extra as more eyes are better at ensuring everything is alright. To be on the safer side, consider putting all the clothing into the washing machine, and this includes both the clean and untidy ones. Through this, both the eggs and the bed bugs themselves will be exterminated.

Check your hotel room well
You could be mind-blown by the aesthetic structures and sleek environment whenever you arrive at your accommodation unit. The truth is, this is not an indicator that you are safe. It is always good to do some inspection at the potential areas where the bed bugs hide. This could be along the inner edges of the bed. Focus also on the cracks in the furniture in the room. These checks are the last thing you want on a vacation as you only want to spend quality time. They are worth doing since you can be sure of not having sleepless nights when the pests start attacking. If you notice anything unusual, you can always ask the management to find you another room. Restaurants also can allow refunds meaning you can quickly shift to a different hotel if the place no longer pleases you.

Separate used clothes

Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash

There is a high chance of catching bed bugs from the outdoor spaces while at a hotel. This could be at the seminar rooms, dining areas, rooftops, and the like. Thus, whenever you wear some clothes, be more well-organized and keep them in a separate place.

With this, you lower the probability of mixing the used and the clean clothes, which may increase the chances of spreading the pests if any is present. If possible, have some cover bags for such items. Additionally, keep your room organized. For instance, avoid leaving clothes on the floor, which puts you at a higher risk of bed bugs.

While spending a night or some in a hotel, there is a need to be extra cautious not to pick some bed bugs. Your luggage, therefore, needs proper shielding, such as by having covers for the suitcases. Another option is using bed bug repellant sprays. Most importantly, gather information online on everything to do with bed bugs as it makes you more informed hence vigilant.

Main photo by Brevitē on Unsplash

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