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How to camp during a pandemic


You can get out into new spaces, explore safely, and escape the quarantine-like life by camping outdoors.

One good thing about camping is that you do not need to be near crowds of people to experience a dose of travel. Camping can be a lot more fun when you check out unique places with a small, close-knit group of people like your friends and family. You can get out into new spaces, explore safely, and escape the quarantine-like life by camping outdoors. 

Wondering how to do it safely? Read ahead to know what you can do to make it a fun yet secure experience. 

1. Select a camping spot/area close to your house
Travelling long distances to visit a camping site or parks might contribute to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Infected asymptomatic people may travel from farther locations with a higher rate of infection and potentially spread the virus in new places. That is why health organizations have advised people to camp in areas close to their residence. 

Healthcare officials have requested people to look at license plates of cars when they enter national parks. They have also added that this lets campers know: 

  • the approximate number of people present 
  • who they would be rubbing elbows with on the trails 
  • whether they should enter a place with such a crowd 

2. Avoid crowds of people
Whether big or small, campgrounds are known to be busy, and distancing from the masses can be difficult. The pandemic requires social distancing measures to be in place. Therefore, hanging out with such huge groups can be very risky. Move to a safer campsite or a location that is relatively less crowded. Healthcare officials do not suggest visiting congested parks or grounds, never mind camping in such spots. 

Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

3. Always have your mask handy
All of us know that wearing a mask during the pandemic, especially in areas where social distancing is not possible, greatly reduces the chance of virus transmission. Thus, always carry a mask with you. You never know when you might have to wear one.

Masks are effective in decreasing the number of respiratory droplets you exhale into the atmosphere. Consequently, they restrict the flow of virus particles into the air that others could be exposed to. This is very important as about 1 in every 4 infected people are asymptomatic and show almost zero symptoms. Whether you are on the trail, at a campsite restroom, or speaking with the organizers, always keep your mask on.

4. Bathrooms
In most campsites, there are public bathrooms made available. Bathrooms are one of the most problematic places on a camping ground. They can be a high source of infection, primarily the door handles! Remember to use paper towels or sanitizing wipes after touching the door handles and lather your hands immediately after coming out. 

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

5. Be extremely careful of who you invite
In the current scenario, it is wise to go camping only with people you share a roof with. Although it is certainly possible to safely include your friends and family who might be living away, it requires a great deal of planning. 

It would be foolish to camp together with people who haven’t been taking the right precautions or practicing social distancing measures. In case you need to meet people from other areas, try and have a conversation about what they are planning to do two weeks ahead of the camping trip. 

6. Background camping
Like the campgrounds, backcountry camping or stealth camping is how people go camping in the wild or usually underdeveloped areas. For example, the Grand Canyon allows backpackers with a wilderness reservation to get down the canyon. 

The bottom line
As per the recent report, only about 2-5 percent of the U.S population has developed certain immunity to the new virus. This implies that people are still largely susceptible and entirely prone to getting sick and infected. 

We do not have a vaccine out in the market already nor has herd immunity developed among the population. Therefore, it is crucial to take proper care as the virus loves to take advantage of new groups of people. 

So, buckle up! We are living through an unseen and challenging situation. Hence, follow the guidelines and practice safety at all times. If you need high quality camping gear, head over to Planet Camping. So what are you waiting for? Head out there and relish the stars, campfire, and grilled barbecue chicken! Just beware while gathering in your surroundings, even in the open air.

Main photo by Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

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