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How to create captivating instagram videos in minutes


While Instagram initiated started as a photo-sharing platform, today, video is the more popular form of content in this medium.

The popularity of Instagram as a social media platform has led brands to experiment with its potential as a marketing platform. Such efforts have yielded exceptional results, and today, there are more than 2 million brand accounts on Instagram. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand account. This has made it essential for brands to come up with Instagram marketing strategies.

While Instagram initiated started as a photo-sharing platform, today, video is the more popular form of content in this medium. That is why brands are in a rat race to create captivating Instagram video content. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips to create captivating digital content.

Set realistic goals
Instagram restricts feed video posts to 60 seconds duration and the stories to 15 seconds. Even when you use carousel posts, you can post a maximum of 10-minute content. You need to leverage the short time and efficiently convey your information. That is why you need to be clear on your marketing goals and define your expectations from the video.

For example, some of your videos will aim at getting you new followers, while others will center around building a relationship with your existing followers. Other Instagram videos will aim at driving better traffic to your website. When you are specific on your goals, it helps to set the tone of the video, and you can expect better results.

Tell a story
Most Instagram users turn to the platform to unwind after a hard day’s work. At that stage, they look for content that is fun and engaging. If you can come up with a video to tell a story, you will stand a higher chance of being heard.

To optimize every second of your video, plan your content to have three parts. Once you have a clear picture of how long you want the beginning, middle, and end to be, it becomes easier for you to plan the content. Pay special attention to ensure that the different segments are well connected to tell your story.

Use intros and outros
When you create a video for Instagram, you need to understand that these videos start playing automatically when a user scrolls through their feed. If you can start with an eye-catching intro scene, the video will draw the attention of your viewers. This will prompt them to continue watching the video instead of scrolling past their feed.

Similarly, your video must have a poignant end so that the viewers are more likely to act on it. Having a call to action in your outro will help to tell the viewer what is expected of them. Alternatively, you can use the outro to reiterate the core message of your video. These days, there are several intro and outro-making tools, and you can choose one based on your editing proficiency and budget.

Appropriate video lighting
While lighting is an essential part of the video-making journey, you need to understand that there is no need for you to procure a professional lighting kit for your Instagram videos. Ideally, you can film your video in natural light with the light shining towards you. For your indoor shoots, lights from big windows would work perfectly.

While artificial lighting is acceptable, avoid filming under overhead lights. Try to avoid mixing natural and artificial sources of light while filming. When you mix lights of different temperatures, even the best Instagram video editor tools cannot fix the inconsistency at a later stage.

If you do not have the perfect lighting for your Instagram video shoot, look for ways to get creative and fix the problem. For example, black plastic is an economical and efficient way of blocking unwanted sources of light. The use of a white paper or poster board will act as a reflector and help in softening the light.

Shooting the film
The Instagram app has a camera function that lets you record images and clips. We recommend that you avoid using it and restrict yourself to your DSLR or smartphone’s camera. When you use the Instagram app for video recording, the tool imposes some restrictions on the device’s shooting capabilities, and that takes a toll on the video quality.

Depending on the nature of the video and the theme of your Instagram feed, feel free to film your video in portrait or landscape mode. These days, Instagram no longer restricts you to square videos, and you can orient your videos in any way you want.

Another important aspect that you need to consider during your video filming is the focus of the subject. Most smartphones let you tap on the area of the screen where you need to focus. You need to focus on your subject and get ample clips for the video editing stage. If your budget permits, you can use two recording devices to capture multiple shots of the same frame.

Editing the film
No matter how good your clips are unless you subject them to color correction and basic editing, your Instagram video will come off as unprofessional. While editing the film, do away with unsteady shots. These cause the viewer to develop motion sickness and give away on the video.

With video editing tools such as InVideo, you can add transitions and backgrounds to your video. Since a significant fraction of Instagram users has their phones on silent, it is a good idea to edit your video to add subtitles to it. You can also add music to your Instagram videos to make them more enjoyable.

In the decade since its launch, Instagram has brought forth multiple updates and additions to its features. Subsequently, there have been significant changes to the video restrictions. In the coming years, this trend is expected to continue.

In such a situation, individuals and brands that are quick to adapt to changes will have an advantage in creating interesting content. As you look for ways to create captivating Instagram content, here’s hoping that the tips discussed in this article were helpful to you.

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