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How to get the most out of a crewed luxury yacht charter


You should know the following tips that will help you to get the most out of the crewed luxury yacht charter experience.

When you rent a luxury yacht charter, in many cases you are offered the opportunity to also hire a crew. This is something that is highly preferred at the moment since it allows vacationers to focus on exactly what they want to do, as opposed to having to also deal with boat-related issues. 

When you rent a crewed luxury yacht charter you are normally asked many questions about privacy desires, what you would like to eat and a lot more. Crews always want to please you. However, this cannot happen if they do not know what to do, what you like and what you do not like. This is why you should know the following tips that will help you to get the most out of the crewed luxury yacht charter experience. 

Respect first!
The most important thing is to treat the entire yacht charter crew with utmost respect. The crew always wants to please you but they should not be seen as servants. Courtesy will help you out a lot. This can include compliments and talking to people with respect. Always remember that the crew has numerous responsibilities and do need time off. 

Stay flexible
Various factors can transform the personal ideal itinerary into a pretty bad experience. Weather is the best possible example of that. It is important to listen to the captain if he/she recommends against your favorite destination. There is a pretty good possibility there is a reason for that and there will be some alternative recommendations that are made. Sometimes, those recommendations are not even in tour books so you might be faced with a true treat. As an example, if going to the French Riviera, as winds hit St Tropez, the captain might recommend Antibes sheltered anchors.

Relaxing is a great part of being on a yacht charter as you do not have to do specific tasks and work should not even be in the back of your mind. Most crews love teaching new things and spending time with the guests. This is why it is always a good idea to allow yourself some free time. When just moving from one port to the next, you get to snap many pictures but you are not going to be that relaxed. You should plan at least a couple of days of simply slacking. If you find a specific location as being particularly beautiful for you, just spend one more day there. Enjoy yourself and go easy on the very first charter. 

Communication with the captain is important
The crew can end up in a highly stressful position when a conflict appears between what guests want to do and personal safety or regulations. When the captain says it is not recommended to go to a specific destination due to weather conditions or safety, there is definitely a reason. You do not want to push it harder since this creates a really difficult situation. What you want to do is to discuss arguments so the conflict can easily be solved based on what works best.

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