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How to make a living while taveling


It's incredible when we can turn our love of travel into a career that allows us to travel wherever and whenever we want to.

We all fantasize about being able to drop everything and travel the world. The more we travel, the more we learn about ourselves and our place in the world. We also know that travel opens our minds and hearts to the experiences of others. The problem is many of us work in jobs that do not allow us the freedom to travel whenever we want to. The good news is there are several options for working and earning money while traveling. We can work remotely, create a travel blog, or choose a volunteer program that will allow us to travel and help others. It's incredible when we can turn our love of travel into a career that allows us to travel wherever and whenever we want to.

Fantastic places to work from
Those in creative fields have traditionally been the only ones who could work while traveling. The good news is that now we can all work remotely. This means we can check into the office from a mountain cabin or a Caribbean resort. All we need to have is access to reliable internet and a computer or tablet, and we are good to go. When planning to work while traveling, we should check out one of the numerous sites that offer vacation rentals, like Evolve. Working virtually is the most convenient way for us to earn a living while traveling. It often simply comes down to what wonders we want to see out our window while we work. 

Starting a travel blog
Starting a travel blog does not have to be difficult. In fact, we can set up the basics of our travel blog in under 10 minutes. Creating a blog involves everything from picking a catchy blog name to setting up a hosting package. It also involves installing WordPress and customizing the look of our blog. Some of us may start a travel blog to share our adventures with family and friends. While others may want to build a business around our travel. 

The sooner we begin our blog, the sooner we can earn money, travel the world, and share our travel experiences with others. We might even be able to get paid to go on trips if we work hard on our blog. The most effective way to get paid for our travel blog is to work hard to build our traffic, social media following, and email subscriber list. If we do so hotels and attractions will want to partner with us to get the word out about everything they have to offer.

Getting paid to volunteer 
We can travel and volunteer for free in a variety of ways. There are several short-term volunteer programs in which we can participate that will provide us with training that will help us get a job overseas. For example, a TEFL certification is an internationally recognized professional credential that certifies an individual is qualified to teach English as a foreign language. TEFL certification is typically required to secure a job teaching English abroad or online to non-native English language students. A volunteer program that equips us with TEFL certification helps us get paid to travel in the future.

We can also apply for a Peace Corps, Volunteer Service Overseas, or United Nations Volunteers project. These programs don't charge a program fee, may cover all our expenses, including airfare and lodging, and may even provide us with a stipend. However, many well-known overseas volunteer programs are very selective and may require a large time commitment. While not everyone will be able to commit to such programs, they are excellent options for those of us who want to give back while traveling across the world.

Today, everyone who enjoys traveling may do so in a financially sustainable manner. There are numerous ways for us to earn money from traveling or, in some situations, to even end up being paid to travel. The fact that many of us need a consistent source of money to live does not limit our ability to travel. Accordingly, whether we're traveling for a weekend, months, or years, we should plan our next trip now. Travel is extraordinary and accessible to everyone.

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