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How to plan the perfect birthday getaway


Once you’ve planned your perfect birthday getaway, all that’s left to do is catch a plan and create memories to last a lifetime.

There is no better time for a getaway than a birthday, especially a big one like your twenty-first, thirtieth, or fiftieth. It’s a way to celebrate in luxury and style while partying with your friends in an awesome location. The perfect birthday getaway can take a fair bit of planning, though, so read on to learn how. 

Find luxury accommodation
Your birthday isn’t the time to skimp on accommodation. While you might be fine with sharing a bunk bed in a hostel during your ordinary travels, on your birthday, you should aim for luxury. So, have a look around for hotels and rentals that accommodate Group Travel and have plenty to offer, such as a pool, games room, and hot tub. What better way to spend your birthday morning than in a hot tub with a mimosa? 

Look out for nearby events/festivals 
Wherever you’re heading, have a look to see if any nearby events or festivals are happening during your visit. It’s one thing to celebrate with your friends; it’s another to celebrate with a large group of people enjoying their time just as much as you. Whether you’re interested in food, dancing, film, or music, if you keep an eye out, you’re sure to find an event that you’ll enjoy. 

Book a thrilling activity 
While you might be planning on drinking endless cocktails and dancing with your friends for the entire weekend, you should take a little time out to do something adventurous. Not only will a thrilling activity give you a memory to cherish forever, but it’ll also give you that adrenaline high that’ll stay with you for the rest of your birthday getaway. 

Research nearby bars and restaurants 
Food is an essential part of any birthday, so look at bars and restaurants in advance to figure out the best places to eat and drink. If you want to dine in a fancy restaurant, you might have to book a table far in advance to ensure you don’t miss out.  

Spend time on the invite list 
Deciding who to invite might just be the trickiest part of planning. While you could invite anyone and everyone, you should think about who gets along with who and whether someone might cause problems. After all, it is your birthday, so you get the final say! If you are worried about too many people causing stress, consider only inviting a few close friends. 

Create a playlist
Before jetting off on your dream birthday vacation, create a playlist to go alongside it. Tailor the songs to the destination you’re heading, and let everyone recommend their tunes. In years to come, you’ll find the playlist again, and you’ll instantly be taken back to your birthday getaway. 

Pack for the occasion 
To make the most of your time away, spend some time thinking about what you’ll pack. How many outfits will you need? Are you planning on dressing up? As well as all the usual travel essentials, remember to pack outfits that are worthy of a birthday. 

Once you’ve planned your perfect birthday getaway, all that’s left to do is catch a plan and create memories to last a lifetime.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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