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How to prepare for your ultimate casino experience in Sweden


Whether you’re planning a casino holiday in the region or simply looking to experience a night at an establishment during a more wide-ranging break, it is well worth making a few preparations so you can get the best from the experience.

There is no denying that Sweden has a huge amount to offer visitors. The country is home to stunning landscapes, incredible culture, and, of course, the jaw-dropping natural wonder of the Northern Lights.

With that in mind, it is clear to see why the country attracts tourists. According to, Sweden had around seven million visitors in 2018, while its tourism sector generates close to $15 billion.

However, while the country offers a huge amount as a destination, have you ever considered a trip to experience its casinos? They might not be the first thing you associate with the region, but it does have plenty to offer in that regard.

A major industry
There are plenty of signs that the gambling industry in Sweden has been performing well in recent years. For instance, according to the Swedish Gambling Association – also known as Sper – the market achieved a total gross revenue of SEK 24.8 billion in 2019. This equates to around $2.9 billion.

The key name in Sweden’s land-based casino industry is probably Casino Cosmopol. A subsidiary of AB Svenska Spel, the brand’s site explains how the country’s government tasked the organization with opening four major casinos in 1999. The sites were established in Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm, and Sundsvall, with Casino Cosmopol stating that they welcomed more than a million visitors in 2016. However, while the first three remain in operation, it was confirmed last year that the site in Sundsvall had been closed permanently.

Of course, there is more to gambling than just visiting land-based casinos these days, with online services becoming increasingly common. Many countries have embraced this trend and Sweden is seemingly no different. In November last year, reported that online casino and sports betting revenues in the country reached SEK 3.69 billion in the third quarter of 2020. The figure equated to a 5.8 percent year-on-year increase.

Getting ready
So, while the country clearly has a lot to offer when it comes to gambling, how can you go about preparing yourself for a casino-themed trip to the region? First of all, you will need to think about the break in the same way as any other; by considering what you should take, where you will stay, and what you intend to do. For example, are you only planning to visit one casino during your trip, or do you intend to tick more off your list? In addition, do you want to combine it with general sightseeing and visits to notable landmarks?

Image by david-k from Pixabay / CAPTION: There are a few ways you could prepare for your casino-themed trip.

Once you have the basics of your trip figured out, you can start zoning in on how you will make the most of your casino experience. A fundamental issue you should consider is language, as you may need to know the key casino terms in order to really thrive. But how can you do this? Well, while you could go down the route of keeping a translation tool close at hand during your visit, another option may be to do some research. For example, you could get to know some key phrases and words by looking at online casino games in Swedish.

One way to do this could be to visit a site like 888 Casino Sverige, which features a range of gaming experiences in the language. By using the site regularly, you may be able to boost your knowledge of the key terms related to the industry. Live casino games may prove particularly useful, as they tend to involve dealers and presenters hosting the action via a video link. As 888 Casino Sverige highlights, many games have been adapted into the format, so they should provide ample opportunity for you to learn key phrases related to a range of experiences.

Embrace the culture
Getting to grips with Swedish may prove useful, but it is not the only key aspect to consider as you plan your visit to the country’s casinos. Understanding the culture of the nation is also important, while you should consider the specific etiquette and rules related to casinos too.

On the first point, we have looked into some of the core basics of Swedish culture in the past. When you visit, you will discover a country where patience is undoubtedly seen as a virtue. Queueing is common, while our previous article also detailed how rules and regulations tend to be strictly followed. Punctuality is also appreciated, while the people are generally friendly and happy. The latter was even highlighted in the World Happiness Report 2020, as the country was ranked seventh in the list of happiest nations.

In terms of casino etiquette, the Casino Cosmopol site offers up some key pointers to bear in mind. Its establishments have an age limit of 20, while all guests need to provide approved photo ID. In the case of overseas visitors, this means showing a valid passport. As you might expect, the general dress code for the casinos is smart, so you should ensure you have some suitable attire in your suitcase. The Swedish kronor is used for casino games, while Casino Cosmopol adds that it has some restrictions when it comes to combining alcohol and gaming. The brand also encourages players to be mindful of others when taking pictures or making mobile phone calls at the casino. In terms of the latter, it urges people to leave the gaming area entirely.

Get the best from your break
Sweden is an incredible country with so much to offer as a tourist destination. However, you may not have previously realized what it boasts in terms of a casino gaming and gambling scene.

Whether you’re planning a casino holiday in the region or simply looking to experience a night at an establishment during a more wide-ranging break, it is well worth making a few preparations so you can get the best from the experience. Hopefully, the ideas above will prove useful as you plan for the perfect gambling getaway in the country.

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