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How to reload your prepaid number while travelling the Philippines


One thing that you should make sure you sort before you travel is your prepaid number.

Having a prepaid number is one of the best ways to stay in contact with friends and family while you’re travelling. The Philippines is an incredible tourist destination and popular with travellers all over the world. It has a lot to offer, and it can be incredibly cost-effective. One thing that you should make sure you sort before you travel is your prepaid number.

Taking a contract phone plan with you while travelling can mean you end up paying a lot more in roaming charges. Using a prepaid phone will limit your expenditure and allow you to have more fun while spending less. It’s also useful for planning your trip and staying in touch with everyone back home.

No matter where you’re staying in the country, having a working phone is key to making the most out of your trip. Although you can connect to WiFi networks in many hotels and cafes, it’s often far more useful to have internet data that you can turn on wherever you are, especially if you’re stuck somewhere.

Using prepaid phones to call and text
Prepaid phone plans can be something to think about if you intend to use your cellphone for more than a few calls or messages while you are travelling. These are an appealing choice for overseas tourists who want the independence and flexibility to use their smartphones whenever they wish because they provide inexpensive pricing for a variety of various services.

You may also want to consider using a local sim card when you arrive. Make sure your phone is unlocked so it can accept international sim cards and make international calls. You can find pay-as-you-go sim cards very easily throughout the Philippines, and these will allow you to easily call and text, provided you have enough charge.

Local sim cards can be bought at Smart, Globe and Dito stores in the Philippines as well as the post office and many grocery stores. If you need an extra charge to make a call overseas, you can get in touch with your friends and ask them to top up your phone for you. This is surprisingly easy and will mean that you can still make calls and send texts even if you’re running low on funds.

Using prepaid phones to access the internet
Modern phones are designed for much more than just calling and sending texts. Today, most people own smartphones that are capable of accessing the internet and visiting web pages. This is a very useful tool for travelling, especially if you need to plan your route, book your travel tickets or translate a shop sign.

While smartphones are commonplace, you will need a working internet connection to get online. Unless you want to pay high roaming charges, it’s best to use a prepaid phone when you arrive in the country. You can then top up your phone whenever you need to get online, and in most urban areas, a 4G internet connection will be covered.

How to reload your phone quickly while in the Philippines
If you decide to purchase a local SIM while visiting the Philippines, you can simply reload your phone by purchasing the reload online. There are many trusted services that allow you to recharge Philippines numbers without any hassle and instantly get you back connected on the local network. 

You can also reload your phone quickly while in the Philippines simply by visiting a phone store or getting your friends or family to reload your phone online. Some prepaid phones will allow you to text a number to top up your phone and charge your card, but this service isn’t always available.

Alternatively, you can connect to a WiFi network and top up your phone online. Just be careful about the network you connect to, as free and open networks may be unsafe to use. 

Photo by Eibner Saliba on Unsplash

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