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How to spend a gaming holiday in Las Vegas


Here are some tips to help ensure you squeeze the most fun possible out of your precious time in the city of sin. 

A vacation to Vegas is a dream for many of us. The bright lights of the city, the excitement of the casinos and the all-day, all-night entertainment are just some of the things that make Las Vegas such a tourism hotspot. If you're planning on heading to Vegas with gaming in mind, you've certainly picked the best place in the world for it. 

Here are some tips to help ensure you squeeze the most fun possible out of your precious time in the city of sin. 

Choose your hotel wisely 
There are so many Vegas hotels that we often look for the cheapest room possible. If you're travelling on a budget, that's all well and good, but you could save more with a little clever searching. 

Bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as loud students, often go for the cheapest hotels and being stuck in a room next to them for your whole holiday could make the time you spend awake incredibly tiring and the time you spend asleep almost non-existent.  

Instead of heading straight for the cheapest place, list things you want from your holiday first. If you're going to spend a lot of time gaming, then it can pay to stay at a resort with all of the gaming facilities you're after. 

Often, resorts will have deals specific to those staying with them that could save you money if you're gaming a lot. On top of this, you'll get to enjoy the rest of the bonuses on offer at the resort. 

Sure, the room will cost more, but discounts on dinner and games could mean you spend less in the long run. Look out for those deals, prioritise what's important to you, and it could be a win-win.  

Your dining timetable 

Photo by Ulysse Pointcheval on Unsplash / Caption: Plan your buffet days carefully

Vegas' buffets are famous worldwide for being totally over the top. Unfortunately, overeating can make us super lethargic, so we might not be on top form. This could impact our gaming, which might be a problem if that's the purpose of your trip to Vegas. 

Instead of over stuffing yourself at an all-you-can-eat buffet every day of your holiday, consider devoting one day to the excesses of the Vegas buffet and be a little more restrained during the others. 

There are plenty of great eateries in Vegas that will still feel like a treat without leaving you quite so bloated, uncomfortable and in need of a nap. You could pair your buffet treat with a day spent at the pool or spa; you'll feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to hit the tables the next day. 

Learn to play poker 
One of the essential parts of any Vegas holiday is getting stuck into a game of poker. You can play in many places, but perhaps the most famous is Bobby's Room at the Bellagio. In this room, you'll only be playing at super high roller tables, so before stepping foot there, it's a good idea to make sure your poker game is up to par. 

This guide on how to play Texas Holdem is a good starting point for those looking to learn from scratch or bolster their existing knowledge of the game. Entering any gaming table feeling confident in the rules and your ability is the best way to get a great head start. 

Tip the dealers 
It might be the case that Vegas dealers receive generous tips pretty often, but that doesn't mean they'll appreciate a dollar or two from you any less. It's common courtesy to leave a small tip whenever you leave a table, and it doesn't hurt to tip your dealer after a big win.

Although there are no real repercussions to not tipping, it can leave a sour taste when a player makes a big win and doesn't leave the dealer a couple of dollars.  

Main photo by Grant Cai on Unsplash

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